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Drivalia is an independent car hire company with offices throughout Spain. You can find us located at the airports of Alicante, Mallorca, Valencia, Girona, Bilbao, Santiago & Murcia.

Established in 2010, we have enjoyed a strong and stable growth and established ourselves as one of the most trusted and respected names in Car hire throughout Spain. This reputation has come about through our determination to provide a service that raises the standards in Spanish car hire.

We have one of the newest fleets of any car hire company in Spain and boast o ver 4000 cars across the fleet which we change, on average, every six months ensuring the very best experience for your holidays in Spain. As we approach our tenth anniversary, we are delighted to have served over 500.000 satisfied clients, many of whom return to Drivalia time and time again.

With us,

it's personal!


Despite our growth, we have learned that the personal service is what really makes us stand out from many other car hire companies in Spain. Our senior staff have been with us many years, most since the start and the same applies to our receptionists and the bus drivers too. We really get to know our clients and build strong relationships with them and over the years we have seen children grow, couples marry and been a part of the journey for so many client’s who trust us year on year. At Drivalia you will find professionalism combined with friendliness from our multi-lingual experienced team who are passionate about making your holiday in Spain smooth and enjoyable.


Car hire in Spain has become a minefield of low headline prices and small print. A model that has caused a misconception that the cost of car hire in Spain is cheaper than anywhere in the world, and a model that has given the industry a terrible reputation. It ́s clear that this model cannot continue forever but we are proud to have been at the forefront of changing the way car hire works in Spain.


From the outset we chose to be different and provide a truly honest service to our clients. Whether you choose our most popular package, Drivalia Ultimate or choose a basic option you will see that we make everything clear from the outset so you are left feeling relaxed and informed about all of the options available to you.

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