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  • 28·AUG·2015

    Car Hire Insider - Damage Charges

    Over the coming weeks we will be writing a few posts giving you an inside look into the world of car hire in Spain and helping you to understand just how the business works.  Kicking us off is a subject that gets a lot of people fired up - when customers have to pay for damages to their rental car.

  • 17·AUG·2015

    Yecla - A Taste of Murcian History

    Nestled in Murcia's far northern nook, around an hour’s car rental drive from Alicante, this picturesque wine-growing town is off the map for most foreign tourists but draws Spanish holidaymakers seeking natural splendour. Yecla is on the edge of mid-level mountain ranges with evidence of prehistoric human activity, so it's ideal for walking trips, and the town also retains an alluring Moorish flavour to this day.

  • Why do customers love our All Inclusive Car Hire?

    Hiring cars in Spain has become a spiders web if hidden costs and unpleasant surprises but here at Drivalia we are proud to offer our flagship "Ultimate" package which offers completely honest and transparent all inclusive car hire and it has been incredibly popular for so many reasons..

  • 10·AUG·2015

    La Nucia

    This little town is a few minutes inland from the Costa Blanca coast, and would serve as a calm, charming and unfussy haven away from the tourist trail.