Reserve your car


Renting a car - choosing the right model.

Car hire can be a confusing subject with so many offers, loads of "great deals" that usually end up in nasty surprises and of course decising whether to book full to empty or choose the full to full fuel policy.  Luckily Drivalia have become known for providing the most honest car hire in Alicante and Palma and since launching our Ultimate Package which offers all inclusive car hire at alicante airport and then going on to offer the same all inclusive car hire at mallorca airport you can rest assured that you have made the right choice by opting for Drivalia.

Now you need to give a little thought to which car you are going to choose.  It may sound like we are talking the obvious but we see people making mistakes all the time so follow these top tips for the best car hire experience possible.

How many people are traveling?
This is clearly the first thing to think about.  If you are a party of 7 then you won´t all fit into a Fiat 500!

What size are the passengers?
I know this may sound a little odd but many cars say they seat 5 people, most do in fact but if you are 5 full grown adults all 6 feet tall then you are going to be a little uncomfortable traveling any distance in a small car.

How many bags?
Remember that for every person there may be baggage as well and this is another mistake we see a lot.  People book (for example) a Corsa type car for 5 adults.  OK, so maybe at a squeeze you can all fit but if they all have a suitcase... problems!

Petrol or Diesel?
Thanks to the all inclusive car hire at Alicante airport and mallorca airport offered by Drivalia you will benefit from our full to full fuel policy if you choose our Ultimate package which means you will never pay over the odds for fuel but choosing the right fuel type can also save you money.  A diesel car may be slightly more expensive to hire but if you intend to do a lot of driving then it could be a lot more economical both in cost per litre and km per litre than a similar size car with a petrol engine.

Remember the words "or similar!"
When you book a car anywhere in the world no car hire company can guarantee exactly which car you will get (although with Drivalia we do have some groups that are a guaranteed model).  When you book your all inclusive car hire at alicante airport with Drivalia on our website at we do give examples of actual cars that we have but often have more than one type in a group so feel free to email or call to check exactly what cars are available.  This is even more important if you book through a third party broker as these companies often give a very generic example and the real car in the group is different.  A quick call or email to the car hire supplier directly will help to be sure you know what you are getting.

For bigger groups have a think about your holiday plans. 
Naturally the more people traveling the bigger the car but often when (for example) friends are traveling together two smaller cars may be more convenient than one big one.  Imagine - you want to have an action packed holiday climbing moutains, riding the water park attractions and so on but the friends you are with prefer lazy days by the beach.  In cases like this maybe having a set of wheels each is a good idea.

Remember that booking your all inclusive car hire at Alicante airport or Mallorca airport is easy and stress-free with Drivalia and our friendly multi-lingual team are on hand to assist and advise you through every step of the process so if you want the best, most honest car hire at Alicante airport or mallorca airport then get in touch with Drivalia and let us take care of you.