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Why do customers love our All Inclusive Car Hire?

Hiring a car can transform your holiday from a couple of weeks sitting by the pool to an exciting time with the freedom to explore so many places which is no doubt why every year more and more people opt to hire a car in Alicante or Mallorca airport.

At the start of 2015 we launched our Ultimate all inclusive car hire package which we have written about before but now at the peak of the summer season we see just what a smart move that was because every single day countless customers tell us how pleased they are with their all inclusive car hire package.

Generally in Spain car hire is marketed based on a rock-bottom rental cost but often with extras to pay on arrival.  Most car hire has only basic insurance included so the customer has to then make decisions regarding their cover:

  1. Leave a deposit and take responsibility for any damages that may occur to the car;
  2. Buy additional "top-up" cover to protect themselves against any damage and of course avoid leaving a heavy deposit.

Most of our customers make the sensible move to add their full protection when they collect the car.  Whilst this may not be as "cheap" as some other options for buying cover it really does offer complete peace of mind knowing that whatever happens you have nothing to worry about and of course help is just a phone call away.

The next thing that people often don't like is that they are asked to pay for a tank of fuel on arrival and return the car empty.  Of course, fuel in a car hire company is alway going to work out more expensive than at a petrol station because of the logistic and operating costs and clearly it is hard to return a car completely empty.

Of course by hiring cars on this basis car rental companies can offer extremely low headline prices which and this model of car hire in Alicante and Mallorca (and the whole of Spain) has become the norm and accepted by most people as how it works but you know what?  Although this is the industry standard, here at Drivalia we have always worked hard to be different and this is why we were probably one of the first to offer the full full fuel policy meaning clients don't pay us a dime for fuel, they simply take the car full and return it full.  

Full full car hire in Alicante and Mallorca is something that we rapidly became famous for and although we do offer full to empty because some clients want the convenience of this option, from day one we had both options and our full to full car hire was priced honestly and reasonably without needing to factor in the income from fuel sales.

This year we decided to take it one stage further and offer a completely all inclusive car hire package in Alicante airport and Mallorca airport and our Ultimate rate was born.  Ultimate is based on our famous full full fuel policy but goes one step further and includes the convenience of a free additional driver and completely all inclusive insurance with no excess, none of the usual exclusions (like tyres etc) and absolutely no need to leave any deposit or buy any further top up cover.

Clearly the "on-screen" price is slightly higher than the prices of the low cost deals that you can find all over the internet but our customers love it and it has proven so popular.  It's fair to say that many people are scared about the thought of hiring a car in Spain because of al the storied they hear of extra charges on arrival, damages being charged for, insurance companies refusing to pay back the costs and so on but with Drivalia Ultimate all inclusive car hire at Alicante and Mallorca airports there is absolutely none of this.  Drivalia Ultimate really is all inclusive and when you book, the price you see really is all you will pay.

Naturally we speak to our clients constantly to get their feedback and the same thing is said to us day in, day out.  Our customers appreciate that with Drivalia Ultimate we offer honest and transparent car hire and they understand that of course this perhap comes at a slightly higher cost than a low-cost booking but it is a realistic cost and inevitably works out much more economical than booking cheap and paying the extras on arrival.

With Drivalia Ultimate all inclusive car hire at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport you can plan your holiday and budget accordingly knowing exactly what you will pay.  Ultimate offers excellent value for money from a company that really cares and strives to be different.  You will be greeted with a smile in your language by our dedicated team of multi-lingual staff , dealt with quickly with no delays, and of course enjoy driving one of our wide range of cars which remain one of the newest fleets in town.

So, what more could you want?  It's time that the face of car hire in Spain changed and we are so proud of our bold move in early 2015 to work towards stamping out hidden extras and moving towards completely all inclusive car hire.  We are so grateful to all of our loyal customers who have booked this package and made it such a huge sucess.  

If you are planning a trip and looking for a car rental in Alicante airport or Mallorca airport and if you want honesty, transparency, a great car and a warm friendly service then look no further then Drivalia Ultimate and join the thouands of customers who really appreciate the honesty and transparency that it offers!