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Winter is coming and we are nearly sold out!

We have written many times about the way car hire in Spain and in particular car hire at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport continues to be driven by price and the fact that this often can lead to what appears to be a good deal ending up as not such a good deal.  Early in 2015 Drivalia set out to change the face of car hire with the launch of our “Ultimate” all inclusive car hire package and boy has it proved popular!  So popular in fact that this summer we have had more cars than any other year and been permanently fully booked.  This trend has continued into the winter with so many of our clients making a point of thanking us for the launch of this popular package.

What makes Drivalia Ultimate so different and so popular?

Quite simply it´s the fact that when all car rentals as Alicante airport and Palma airport with Drivalia Ultimate are truly all-inclusive.  The price you see is the price you pay.  Yep, not a centimo more and not a centimo less.  You simply go the the website, pop in your dates, choose your car type, type your name and a few details and relax... knowing that when you get to Spain there is nothing else to pay. Also with Ultimate Credit cards are not a requirement which means with Drivalia debit card car hire at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport is entirely possible!

A few years ago we pioneered car rental at Alicante airport with our full to full car hire packages.  This took away the need for customers to worry about the potential cost of fuel when they get to Spain.  You are given a car that´s full and you return it full so you only pay for what you need and at a petrol station.  Fairer this way isn´t it!

Now we have taken it one stage further and included complete coverage with no excesses, no need to leave deposits, no risk to you whatsoever and complete peace of mind so when you book Drivalia Ultimate you really do get all inclusive car hire at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport.

Also with Drivalia Ultimate we make it possible to hire a car with no credit card at Alicante airport or Mallorca airport.  Credit cards are usually required in order for the car hire company to protect themselves but Drivalia Ultimate makes debit card car hire in Alicante airport completely possible.  In fact, you can even opt to pay cash if you prefer.

Imagine this.... landing form your flight, finding the airport desk for yoru car hire company only to see a queue that is backed up to the door.  Standing in the line for 2 hours seeing endless people infront of you finding that their cheap deal is on longer cheap and being faced with bills for hundreds of euros.  Then, as your legs are finally giving in to the Spanish heat it´s finally your turn and you are faced with the same fate and end up parting with much of yoru holiday spending money just to get the car.  And then... after all this having to walk to a multi-story car park and find your car like a needle in a hay stack. 

After you finally enjoy your holiday you turn up at the airport, drive around for ages looking for the return point, drop your keys in the box, walk a mile to the terminal, board your flight then after several weeks see a charge for alleged damages show up on your credit card statement.  Sounds like a nightmare doesnt it!  Well, these are things that our customers regularly tell us that they have experienced in the past with some companies.

Now imagine this... After leaving your plane you walk outside to a waiting mini-bus, the friendly multi-lingual driver takes your bags and loads them whilst you make yourself comfortable.  You are immediately taken a short ride of a couple of minutes to a comfortable office where there are ample staff, no queues and a welcoming air conditioned office.  You are greeted with a smile, hand over your passport and licence and are asked to sign yoru paperwork.  Then you are handed a key with nothing to pay, no questions about your credit card, no stress... walk in, walk out with a key and smile! Oh and if you do get a few scrapes or bumps or even if there is something serious happen you just have to call us and we take care of everything.

This is clearly why we are getting booked up so fast and this is why Drivalia Ultimate all inclusive car hire is the way of the future!

So if you are coming to Spain this winter, take a look at and choose the Ultimate rate for what is arguably the most honest and transparent way to book your car... and surely the most stress-free!