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Stress-free and safe driving of your Hire Car!

Published 23/04/2015 - Revised 19/02/2018

When you book an all inclusive car rental with Drivalia you can look forward to a relaxing and stress-free holiday thanks to the quality cars that we have available, our honest and transparent car hire pricing and the great things there are to see and so in Spain.

There are, however, always precautions to take to help avoid your holiday turning into a nightmare – particularly when it comes to driving. The first thing to remember about driving in Spain is that little things do happen to cars as well as the bigger things but taking a few precautions and thinking ahead all helps to keep you out of trouble during the period of your holiday and your car hire at one of the six locations where Drivalia operate.

Firstly when it comes to parking the Spanish do tend to bump and scrape cars.  If a space is not big enough they can be pretty determined to get it in!  Of course if you take full SCDW directly with Drivalia or book our Ultimate all inclusive car rental package then there is nothing to worry about as we have it covered, but nevertheless most people want a hassle-free trip.  When parking in the street try to find parking spaces with drive-in spaces rather than parallel parking and it´s easier to get in and our of which means that others are less likely to damage you!

If you park in a supermarket or public car park then it´s wise to look for a space a little away from the rest of the cars because every day we see cases of trolley scrapes or the car next to our clients car opening their door and denting ours. In fact we see more damages in car parks than in any other location!

When you book your all-inclusive car rental in Alicante, Mallorca, Valencia, Santiago, Bilbao or Girona with Drivalia we want you to be safe and enjoy your holiday. Compared to many countries, Spain is a pretty safe place to enjoy your holiday but like everywhere thieves are very opportunistic and often target hire cars.  Don´t leave any valuables or bags inside the car when you park and if you have a GPS remove it from the car, or at least from display and don´t forget to wipe away the tell-tale ring mark from the window as this is a clear sign to potential thieves that there is a GPS inside the car.

When you are out and about it is a good idea to keep your car doors locked especially at night and in lesser-populated areas.  Thieves sometimes pretend to be Police or someone in need and flag down motorists, particularly those in hire cars as they know that these are being driven by tourists.  If you see someone in need then think carefully before you stop.  It is sometimes better to stop away from the problem and notify the authorities that someone needs help rather than to try to be a good Samaritan and put yourself in danger. If the Police flag you down then this will always be by properly identified officers and so don´t stop for someone who is pretending to be the Police unless you are absolutely sure that they are genuine Police officers.

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in any kind of accident whilst driving your hire car then refer to the information in the glove box on how best to proceed and always contact Drivalia for advice.  The most important thing is not to panic and remember that our friendly team are always on hand to offer advice and assistance should the unexpected happen. Remember that when you visit Spain and drive a Drivalia all-inclusive hire car from Alicante, Mallorca, Valencia, Bilbao, Santiago or Girona airports you can look forward to a wonderful holiday with the freedom to explore new places and really get around.  Renting a car gives you so much freedom to enjoy some of the wonderful sites that Spain has to offer and by using a little common-sense and staying safe you can really get the most from your car rental and have a fun-filled time in the sun!

Remember to check out our "Ultimate" package which has rapidly become our most popular package because unlike most other deals out there is really does offer completely honest and transparent car hire at Alicante, Valencia, Mallorca, Bilbao, Santiago & Girona Airports where the price you see is the price you pay - another way that Drivalia help you to keep the stress away when enjoying your holiday in Spain!