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Out of hours collections and returns

We often get asked by clients if we accept bookings after our normal office hours or if indeed clients can return their car before we open in the morning.  The answer to both of these questions is yes you can but there are a few things to bear in mind.

As the overwhelming majority of our customers collect after 8am and return before 11pm (or 10pm in the winter) it would not be viable for us to staff the main reception round the clock for the few clients that do want to collect or return out of hours.  In fact it would have such a huge impact on operating costs that it would push the general rental costs up for all customers.  Therefore we make a small charge for out of hours service as do most other car hire companies to the clients who need to use it.

If you want to collect your car after 23:00 (up to 00:59) there is an out of hours charge of 35 euros which covers the costs for our staff to work overtime to be there for you.  It´s really important that you provide us with your flight number if you are coming out of hours because otherwise we have no way of knowing if you have landed or not.  Often clients don´t provide this and this can lead to problems.  For example if a client books for 23:30 with no flight number and their flight is delayed until 2am we have no way of knowing so after an hour or so we have to assume a “no show” and let our staff go home.  Flight numbers are so vital to enable us to know where you are and of course wait for you to land if you are delayed.

Our out of hours collection service works in exactly the same way as normal “office hours” collections.  Our shuttle bus will meet you in the usual meeting place as detailed in your booking confirmation and take you to the office to collect the car.

If you wish to return before 8am (so this generally means for those clients who are flying before 10am) then we also operate an out of hours return service for a small charge of 10 euros.

With early returns it is important that you don´t return to the main Drivalia office as nobody will be there.  We work with a local parking company where you deliver the car and their shuttle service will take you to the airport terminal.  You will be given full details of where to deliver the car to when you collect your car so make sure you advise us at the time of collection if you need to return before 8am.

So, no matter what time you come to Spain or indeed depart you can count on Drivalia to offer you your all-inclusive car hire at a time that is convenient to you!