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The fastest car hire in town?

Drivalia - probably the fastest car hire service in town!One of the things that our customers comment on the most is the speed of service they get with Drivalia.  Sometimes clients have concerns about hiring from a company that are not based directly inside the terminal but once they try us they come back again and again and love the speedy service that we offer.  Afterall, who wants to spend the first day of their holiday waiting for hours in a queue?  Let´s tell you a little bit more about how we are able to offer such a speedy service and why, despite us being "off-site" you are likely to still get your car quicker with Drivalia...

Fleet of carefully planned shuttle busses.  This is a big point because to get clients from the terminal to our offices we use shuttle busses for the short 3 minute hourney.  Most "off-site" companies have just one bus which means there can be lengthy queues at the meeting point.  Drivalia operate 3-4 shuttle busses at peak times and we plan the number of busses from a day to day basis meaning that we can pick you up and whisk you away with a true minimal wait, in fact in 95% of cases a courtesy bus will actually be waiting for you when you arrive at the meeting point!

Number of staff.  Most hire companies operate with the minimal possible number of staff but at Drivalia we have a larger staff to client ratio than most other companies meaning that we can deal with collections and returns with a minimal wait.  Again, in most cases you will be seen immediately on arrival in the office and even at the busiest of times there may be just one or two clients in front of you waiting.  So there are certainly no long queues at Drivalia. 

Express computerised systems: We make use of state-of-the-art technology for the return of cars.  All cars are checked immediately upon arrival and the handheld devices that out colleagues have show all relevent information about the condition of the car, details of the client and so on.  All making the returns process quick and easy.  And, on the rare occasions that there is no bus waiting to take you, the driver is altered immediately to return from the teriminal to collect you which means that by the time yoru car is checked you will be on your way in the majority of cases.  It´s this same technology that extends into reception allowing us to process collections swiftly and without stress.  In fact, after your first visit, once we have all of your details it takes a matter of seconds to process your collection.

Mostly pre-booked reservations:  Because of our strategic location just a few minutes from the terminal we work by almost all of our bookings being reserved in advance.  This allows us to plan busses and staffing levels accordingly to keep our speedy service no matter how busy we are.  Inside the terminal as well as prebooked customers, the companies have a lot of people with no bookings making enquiries or arriving without notice to hire a car.  This just adds to the workload and means everyone is waiting longer.

At Drivalia we love our customers and as well as offering a super fast car hire at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport we also offer truly transparent, all inclusive car hire at Alicante and Palma airports meaning you get no surprises, no hassle, no stress and the fastest possible start and end to your holiday!