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The Story of Drivalia - What makes us so popular?

From humble beginnings, back on 2011, Drivalia have grown to have a national presence throughout Spain offering honest and transparent all-inclusive car hire at six Spanish airport locations.  But our success was not just an accident, we have become known for the quality and service that we offer making us stand out from the crowd when it comes to car hire in Spain.

Back in the early days from our first base at Alicante airport we had just a few hundred cars, a small team and one shuttle bus.  We built our business based on the core values of offering honest and transparent car hire and were one of the first companies to offer the fair full to full car hire at Alicante airport where clients were not charged for fuel on arrival, simply collect and return full.  During the first couple of years our popularity grew with clients returning time and time again and it wasn´t long before the opportunity arose to expand and open a second base offering our best value car hire at Mallorca airport.

2017 saw further growth with the opening of our third office offering all inclusive car hire at Valencia airport and around that time we also expanded to the North of Spain expanding to offer our famous Ultimate all inclusive car hire at Bilbao, Girona & Santiago airports.

Alicante remains our flagship office with many of the original staff which have been with us, and helped the company to grow and now oversee operations throughout Spain, ensuring that our core values which our customers love are replicated at all of our car hire locations in Spain.

But what are these core values and what really makes us different?

Drivalia Ultimate – all inclusive car hire at six Spanish airports!  For any business to be a success they need to listen to and learn from their clients.  Car hire, particularly in Spain can be a minefield of low headline prices and later hidden or unexpected charges.  What was clear was that our clients wanted one package that does exactly what it says on the tin with the price quoted being the final price and of course complete peace of mind.  Although there are some people who always look for the “cheap” options, it was very clear that the majority of clients wanted quality but of course at an affordable, fair and realistic price.

Drivalia Ultimate was launched in Alicante as a trial and was probably the first package that truly offered all inclusive car hire at Alicante airport.  No more fuel charges, no more deposits, no more obligatory credit cards, no fees for a 2nd driver and no worries if anything happens because this package comes with complete coverage giving you absolute peace of mind.

The best cars – for your comfort and enjoyment!  Our fleet has grown from a couple of hundred cars in the early days to thousands of vehicles throughout Spain and clearly the car is the most important thing when it comes to making your experience enjoyable.  We have a wide range of cars to choose from which range from small compact city cars to mini busses and everything in-between with a wide range of both manual and automatic cars.  Whether you want a little run-around, something sporty or a luxury model you can count on Drivalia to offer a great range of vehicles. 

Equally when it comes to cars it´s a good idea to point out that we have one of the newest fleets in Spain with most cars being changed at least twice a year so you always get that feeling of a fresh, new car.  Some companies keep their cars much longer and whilst this does of course reduce operating costs and in turn sometimes rental prices,  it is just not quite the same to drive a car that has been on the road for a number of years.  The cars are one of the things that really do mean that Drivalia offer the best value car hire at Alicante airport and of course now at our other locations throughout Spain.

The people!   In any business, the people who you deal with are the icing on the cake.  Get it right and you build loyalty and popularity.  Get it wrong and it´s a disaster waiting to happen.  All our staff are friendly, highly trained professionals who all speak at least two languages and many speak several.  Our management team have been with us for many years, some since day one and many of our reception staff have also been with us longer than they care to remember.  Couple this up with the fact that we have more staff per client than many companies and you get great service that is fast and efficient – all part of making your holidays in Spain special.

Another thing that has made us so popular is that we were able to offer debit card car hire at Alicante airport and now at all of our other locations.  Traditionally when you hire a car a deposit is required and usually this must be with a credit card.  Not everyone has a credit card and even those that do often don´t want to have thousands of euros blocked from their available funds.  Our Ultimate all inclusive car hire in Spain is one way to book your debit card car hire in Spain because there is no deposit needed so payment can be by debit card without any problems.  Actually, debit card car hire in Spain is one of our most popular requests with more and more people wanting complete peace of mind.

Accidents happen – but you don´t need to worry.  Of course accidents can happen anywhere in the world but in Spain they tend to be more common as there are lots of tourists and bumps and scrapes are common.  Actually, most damages don´t tend to happen because of “crashes” but instead when the car is parked up.  We see it every day – the client parks up to go to the beach or shop or for their relaxing evening meal and when they come back they find that the car is damaged.  With Drivalia Ultimate all inclusive Spanish car hire you have nothing to worry about because we include complete cover.  It´s this car hire in Spain with no excess that means that if you are unfortunate enough to get some damage to your car we will take care of everything at no cost to yourself.

Times are changing.  We used to see a lot of clients who book the lower cost packages and then choose to contract their own insurance in their home country with a view to reclaiming any damage costs later.  Everyone likes to save money but when you look at the cost of our car hire in Spain with no excess it really isn´t expensive – it´s realistic when you take all things into account.  You can see here one of our blogs from a while ago that shows a comparison between the cost to hire a car from Drivalia compared to in some other countries.  This is probably why more and more people now choose to book the Ultimate package and keep everything under one roof and benefit from compete peace of mind. You don´t then have to worry about being charged if your car sustains a damage.  Nor do you have to waste time during your holiday making sure you gather the required papers and then having to submit a claim to try to get back the money – Drivalia Ultimate is simply your ticket to a stress-free car hire experience!

So this just about sums up our success, people, cars and service.  If you are looking for the best value car hire in Spain with no hidden extras then why don´t you join more than a quarter of a million other satisfied clients and make Drivalia your first choice car hire for your next holiday!