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Celebrations to look out for in February

If you are planning a visit to Alicante or Murcia this February here are a few of the fiestas you can see around the region.

Moors and Christians - Sax

Between the 1st and 5th of February 2014, the town of Sax will celebrate is traditional Moors and Christians festival in honour of San Blas, the town’s patron saint. With hundreds of participants donning medieval costume, it’s quite the spectacle to see the armies marching through the streets. The volunteers act out mock battles and the capture of the town’s castle from the Moors, and their subsequent retreat. On the last day of the celebration, captains are chosen for the next year’s events and Moor, Christian and spectator all enjoy fireworks over the town.

Romeria Santa Agueda - Catral

On the 4th and 5th of February 2014, the town of Catral will honour its patron saint; Santa Agueda. The celebration, declared an event of Provincial Tourist Interest, involves a mass on both days and the romeria (procession). The statue of Santa Agueda is carried in procession from her hermitage church into the parish church on the 4th and back again on the 5th.

Festival of Christ the Healer – Altea La Vella

From 5th to the 17th of February Altea la Vella, the small district of Altea, holds celebrations in honour of Christ the Healer. As well as masses and processions carrying the statue of Christ, neighbours come together to enjoy the staples of a Spanish fiesta, including giant paellas, fireworks displays and musical performances.

Cartagena Carnival

Cartagena Carnival The Carnival of Cartagena is an annual celebration, traditionally starting forty days before Easter. This year, 2014, celebrations begin on February the 22nd and end on the 4th of March. Events include costume competitions, musical performances, dancing, parades, eating and drinking. The carnival has been declared a Celebration of Regional Tourist Interest by the Spanish government; politico-speak for ‘fun’. For more information and for a full programme, visit the carnival’s official website.