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Celebrations to look out for in June

Mallorca The Spanish fiesta of Sant Antoni on 13th June honours St Antoni as the patron saint of fishermen and also the finder of lost and stolen items. The night before this much loved festival, “Sant Antoni,” depicted as a little boy, rides through Palma atop a brightly-lit float festooned with flowers, attended by angels. The day of the festival features ‘Cavallets’, colourfully dressed young men with horse puppets on their backs – two black and one white representing a lady who directs graceful dances to the rhythm of traditional music. In addition to the parade and the dancing there are also fireworks, live music and plenty to eat and drink. Also in June on 24th, the Summer Solstace is celebrated. Bonfires are lit close to the sea and celebrations carry on until sunrise. Murcia Altough Alicante is the main top city for the festivities of San Juan, Murcia also celebrates the Festival of San Juan on 23rd and 24th June and is well worth a visit with your hire car. The town is alive with street parties and processions, marching bands and a number of gently competitive sporting events. The start of the festival is marked by the smell of smoke from dozens of ritual bonfires symbolizing the end of the winter and the beginning of the summer. Festival of San Juan
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A favourite among fiestas in Spain, the night of San Juan on 23rd June symbolizes “cleansing” after the winter. The beach at San Javier is a great place to be on the evening of San Juan. The locals take their lives in their hands by leaping over the flames of bonfires on the beach at Mar Menor before running into the sea at midnight. There is usually singing, dancing, fireworks and of course non-stop music. San Javier is around an hour´s drive from the Drivalia car rental depot at Alicante Airport, although expect the journey to take a little longer at fiesta time. Take the N332 off the AP-7 motorway. Once in San Javier, take the Avenida Mar Menor to the beach where you will find all the fun stuff. It is best to arrive early to find parking. Alicante Alicante travels back in time on Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th June when the Medieval Market occupies more than 15 streets and plazas in the historic area of the city. Each year the event promises to be bigger and better with more than half a million visitors attracted to view traditional medieval handicrafts being made on the spot. Alicante Medieval Market
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Over 100 stalls sell all kinds of goods, with special displays and entertainments including armoured battles and wandering minstrels and acrobats. There is even a medieval military camp set up to demonstrate the life of soldiers at arms. Watch ceramics being turned; hogs being roasted and baskets being expertly woven by artisans against the sights, sounds and smells of yesteryear. The Medieval Market stands out on the list of Spanish festivals as being popular with kids as there is a variety of traditional games and activities on show as well as puppet shows and instruction sessions on how to make pots, tool leather, make kites and whittle wood.
It is recommended to park your Drivalia car rental well away from the market and take a taxi.