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Celebrations to look out for in March

If you are planning a visit to Alicante or Murcia this March here are a few of the fiestas you can see around the region.


First and foremost it’s carnival time.Prom Dresses online  Traditionally starting forty days before the onset of Easter, ‘Carnaval´ is a great time to visit the towns of Alicante and Murcia. Santiago de la Ribera 22 February – 08 March 2014. This year will be the 26th anniversary of the carnival in Santiago de la Ribera. The celebrations will start with the election of the Carnival Queen on Saturday 01 March 2014 and culminate with the main parade on Sunday 09 March 2014. San Pedro del Pinatar celebrates the beginning of lent with a Carnaval on 01 and 02 March 2014. Carnaval de Aguilas 22 February – 08 March 2014 On the border between Murcia and Almeria, Aguilas has the best Carnaval in the area declared as being of National Tourist Interest. Aguilas is around 2.5 hours from Drivalia’s depot at Alicante Airport. There is a lot going on during the whole period but the main attractions are the three parades: Sunday 02 March, Tuesday 04 March and Saturday 08 March.

Las Fallas

Naturally, if you are looking for a quiet time you would not go Homecoming Dresses anywhere near a Spanish Fiesta where fireworks are seemingly obligatory. Well those of a sensitive disposition should give Las Fallas in Valencia a very wide berth indeed. Each year from 12 to 19 March, Valencia celebrates the final days of the winter and the arrival of spring with spectacular fires and a cacophony of pyrotechnics. Las Fallas means fires in the Valencian language. The celebrations lead up to the feast of Saint Joseph on 19 March, which is also Fathers Day throughout Spain.
Preparations for Las Fallas start up to a year ahead with community groups throughout the city creating ‘ninots’ which are huge sculptures of papiermâché on wood sometimes in the shape of traditional figures, sometimes in the shape of famous people, politicians and even Disney characters. During the night of 15 March, the completed figures, numbering more than three hundred and often costing tens of thousands of Euros, are erected at sites throughout the city. This event is known as la plantà. It is only now, on the 16 March, that the party really starts. There are around-the-clock festivities including: street parties, paella-cooking competitions, parades, open-air concerts, and bullfights. Oh, and of course fireworks: each day at 2pm there is a mascletà which is 5 minutes or more of deafening explosions which literally shake the city. Pregnant women are banned from attending a mascletà!
The festivities culminate with the burning of ‘las fallas´ in an event known as the ´crema´ on the evening of the 19th March. The local fire brigade have to work very hard to prevent the city from burning down!
Valencia is around 2 hours´ drive north of the Drivalia depot at Alicante Airport. Closer to ´home´ Benidorm and Denia have mini-Fallas festivities. If there are other events that you recommend in March please add them below.