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Day of the Region of Murcia

Each year on the 9th of June Murcia marks the anniversary of the approval of its statute of autonomy in 1982. Día de la Región de Murcia, or Day of the Region of Murcia, is a public holiday throughout the region. Many businesses are closed on this day and some public transport will run a reduced service.

Murcia has been influenced by a number of different civilizations in its long history. Romans, Phoenicians and Moors have all occupied the region at some point, leaving their marks on the landscape and traditions of the area. For a taste of Murcia’s past, we suggest you hire a car (but then we would!) and visit the historic cities of Lorca,Cartagena and Murcia all within around an hour’s drive of each other. The holiday and the weeks preceding it are a celebration of Murcian history and traditions. Schoolchildren take extra lessons on local history, geography and culture. The region’s flag assumes a central role in celebrations; the 7 crowns and four towers on a red background hang from people’s windows and from public buildings. On June 9th various events are organised throughout the region. These include sporting events, musical performances, arts and crafts exhibitions and communal feasts of traditional foods and wines. For what´s on in Murcia visit Murcia Today.