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More Mallorca Celebrations in July

Last month we gave you some fiestas to look out for in July. Well it´s such a busy month we have some more for you to look out for in Mallorca when touring around with your car hire. Virgen del Carmen On 16th July a mass followed by a sea procession features the Virgen Del Carmen with the traditional singing of the Salve Marinera and other interesting events such as a huge firework display. ‘Festes de la Beata’ Valldemossa, a rural, quiet, picturesque mountain town in the west of Mallorca, is just 20km from Palma on the PM-104 and PM-111. Once you get there, the easiest way to get around town is to park your Drivalia hire car in one of the two large and metred car parks and walk everywhere. Some of the little streets are so steep non-slip mats have been placed on the cobbles for safety! The locals take enormous pride in the town which is festooned with flowers and lush greenery and most of the little houses proudly boast symbols of Saint Catalina Thomás to protect the occupants from harm. Symbols_of_Saint_Catherine Mallorca When the Spanish government confiscated the monasteries in the 1830s the properties were sold privately and in Valldemossa’s 13th Century monastery the composer Frederic Chopin took up residence with his French lover, Aurore Dupin, best known as George Sand: Chopin’s piano is still there. Try the local potato cakes ‘coca de patata’ with a steaming cup of thick hot chocolate – food heaven! Valldemossa celebrates the first saint of Mallorca, Catalina Thomàs, on 28th July, one of the most important fiestas in Mallorca for the Valldemossins, when hundreds of people flock to the streets to take part in the parade and carry Saint Catalina through the town. Valldemossa At around 7.30pm there is a solemn Mass followed by the procession through the town. The main protagonists and attendants are dressed in traditional but colourful peasant costumes with banks of flowers everywhere. The celebrations continue throughout the evening, featuring marching bands and a procession of the Knights of St George. Valldemossa’s tribute to Sant Catalina is one of the most beautiful fiestas in Mallorca. Have we missed anything or have you got any suggestions for a perfect day out in Mallorca or Alicante? Please let us know!!
Symbols of Saint Catherine keep the houses from harm: Image courtesy of Dlom The houses in Valldemossa are festooned in flowers: Image courtesy of Michal Osmenda
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