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Semana de la Huerta y el Mar

The Semana de la Huerta y el Mar (International Week of the Garden and the Sea) in Los Alcázares is a celebration that focuses on the Murcian produce and the relationship between the local orchards and the sea – and it all happens this year (2014) between 14th and 23rd August just an hour’s car hire drive from Drivalia’s car rental depot at Alicante Airport. The Murcian traditions that take place throughout the festival are those brought by the “Huertanos” who worked in the orchards throughout the summer and after harvest flocked to the coast for rest and recreation when work was no longer available.

Los Alcazares Semana de la Huerta y el Mar Traditional Folk Dancing

The Huertanos lived a nomadic existence, living in temporary homes called “Barracas”, usually constructed of cane, put up wherever work was available in the vast orchards irrigated by the ancient 13th Century wells devised by the Moors. These little cane houses are a feature of many of the festivities throughout the August fiesta, some with miniature vegetable plots illustrating how the Huertanos lived and worked. The Peñas The fiesta, typical of most Spanish fiestas, is organised by “Peñas”, groups that pool their resources to create a memorable show of costumes, food, drink and music. The cuisine is a celebration of Murcian dishes, with each Peña offering outstanding tapas, many taking ages to prepare and cook which is why they are delicious and a rarely available treat. Los Alcazares Semana de la Huerta y el Mar Costumes Food is served in the “Tapas Gardens” and you can queue at the entrance to each but be sure to make it clear you want to stay and eat to avoid being mistaken for an onlooker. Put your best foot forward and tell someone you’re hungry! For those seeking a taste of local tradition on a budget there are events going on every evening throughout the fiesta, some featuring Flamenco dancing and folk dancing, with entry fees a modest few Euros. The tapas gardens are outstanding and shouldn’t be missed. And supporting the delicious fare on sale all around the park, there are little stalls where you can buy handmade souvenirs to take home. You can find the 2014 Semana de la Huerta y el Mar programme here on the Region de Murcia website. Pastora Soler This year (2014) on the final weekend the highlight of the festival is a performance by Pastora Soler, the highly regarded singing Flamenco star with a contemporary twist. Her concerts are passionate and embrace the true character of modern Spanish Flamenco.
Saturday night at 10.30pm the fun continues with more costumes and folk dancing in the park and a wonderful firework display (no Spanish celebration is complete without one!) How to Find It Los Alcazares is around a one hour car hire drive from the Drivalia Car Rental depot at Alicante Airport. Take Exit 786 along the AP7 and follow the N332 into the town. Alternatively, since the AP7 has two toll booths either side of Torrevieja, if you prefer you could follow the N332 all the way from Alicante. There’s plenty of parking in and around the fiesta areas but as always allow plenty of time before the evening entertainment begins. all black air maxes nike air dt max 95 air max shoes air max 95 on sale air max cb 94