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Spain’s Constitution Day

Spanish flagDecember 6th is Constitution Day in Spain (Día de la Constitución) and is a national public holiday. It marks the anniversary of the 1978 Referendum in which the Spanish people overwhelmingly approved the current Spanish Constitution. Today, although a significant event in Spanish history, for most of the general public it is just another day off work. Although most businesses will be closed, restaurants and cafes are likely to be open. The holiday falls just a couple of days before the Day of the Immaculate Conception on 08 December which is also a public holiday. In Spain the government does not change the days on which the holidays fall so there is officially no day in lieu as there is, say, in the UK. As a consequence Spaniards will make “el Puente” - the bridge - and take an extra day off between the holidays. So this year (2012), Friday 07 December will be a “puente” between the holiday and the weekend. If you are visiting Alicante and Murcia during this holiday period, you can expect roads to be busy as people travel to be with their families. Drive safely and enjoy the holiday.