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The Annual Puppet Festival in Alicante

The Annual International Puppet Festival provides a great day out in Alicante by car rental, first organised back in 1984, becoming more popular every year. Now the festival runs from the end of November into the first week in December and attracts thousands of visitors. Titelles Puppets have always held a fascination for audiences and the Spanish, who adore pomp and pageant, have a particular love for them. The International Puppet Festival draws hundreds of puppet artists from all over the world, and the puppets taking part may range from simple sock puppets to miniatures, giants, shadow puppets, complicated string marionettes, papier maché works of art, and historical figures brought back to life through elaborate costumes and story-telling in the event known as the “Festititeres”. Some of the stage performances are eerily life-like and provide equal entertainment for adults and children with the world’s top puppet performers taking part from all over Spain as well as puppeteers from the rest of Europe, Africa and South America. The Centro Cultural Cigarreras The main events are held in the city’s cultural centre, known as the Centro Cultural Cigarreras, where information may be found regarding the programme of events for this year; but throughout the last week in November and the early part of December puppet masters hold workshops and demonstrations all over the city and some take part in other events in nearby Benidorm and Benissa further up the coast. And of course it is not only the puppets that draw the crowds: there are all the traditional elements of Spanish fiesta such as great food and plenty to drink as well as musical entertainment ensuring the fun goes on late into most evenings. There are also workshops that demonstrate how puppets are made and strung, how puppet theatres work and the skills of the talented puppeteers that provide the main attractions of the festival every year. The Centro Cultural Las Cigarreras, also known as ‘La Tabacalera’ is on Calle de San Carlos in the centre of the city and a short drive from the Drivalia Car Rental depot at Alicante Airport. As its name suggest it was once a 19th Century tobacco factory. When the tobacco manufacturing industry moved further out of town, the city council converted the factory’s vast 2900m2 space into an impressive venue for artistic and cultural pursuits. Old Tobacco Factory Parking in Alicante Parking your Drivalia car hire on your day out in Alicante can be a challenge but ‘Parking Crisobal’ on the Rambla offers 24-hour parking for 9€. It is easier to hop around on the bus in the city centre as there are various puppet events dotted all around at festival time. As the festival runs over several days it is worth finding accommodation in the city if you want to see everything on offer. There are plenty of good hotels to choose from ranging from cosy B&B’s to Five Star luxury establishments such as the Hospes Amergo on Rafael Altamira. The Drivalia Car Rental depot at Alicante Airport is just a short drive from the city. At this time of year when the heat of the summer has gone it is pleasant to wander about the shops and the street markets that always pop up when the puppets festival is at full swing. For more information on your day out in Alicante and events scheduled throughout the puppet festival contact the Unidad Difusion Cultural: Telephone 96 514 7160.