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Buying vs Renting a car at Alicante or Palma airports

In our comparison we are going to base the figures on realistic car hire charges and in particular look at the Drivalia All-Inclusive car hire (Ultimate) available at Alicante and Mallorca airports.  Of course there are car rental deals which on the fact of things appear cheap but these often include mountains of hidden extras and one thing that we have learned by listening to our customers is that for holiday-makers and semi-residents alike the most popular way to hire a car at Alicante and Mallorca airports is with our all inclusive car hire package.
If you are thinking of buying a car then you have to take into account not just the initial outlay but all of the associated costs that go alongside it.  It's fair to say that cars depreciate in value at a higher rate than most other things and for someone purchasing a new or nearly new car you can expect to loose somewhere in the region of up to 1000 euros a year in depreciation costs (think about it, buy a car for 15,000 euros and keep it for ten years.  You are going to be very lucky to sell it for any more than 5000 euros). Of course you then have the hassle of selling it when the times comes!
In addition to the yearly depreciation you have a number of other factors to take into account.  Insurance is of course a big yearly expense and unless you opt for running an old banger (which may seem cheap but will no doubt lead to huge maintenance costs) you should expect to pay somewhere in the region of around 500 euros a year for a solid fully comprehensive insurance policy.  Next comes road tax which can set you back a couple of hundred and of course maintenance, Itv and so on.  Finally if you are going to keep your car in Spain you will probably want to invest in a yearly parking facility close to the airport to make your trips back and forth to your home country convenient.  All in all we are talking of well over 2000 euros per year for the benefit of owning your own car.
In addition to the cost you of course have to think about the responsibility that you have in terms of your commitment to time and effort in maintaining, paying the bills, dealing with the yearly formalities and so on.  None of this is applicable when you hire a car at Alicante or Palma airports.
Renting of course is a far simpler way to keep you on the road.  You pick up the car when you want, drop off when you want and you don't have to worry about anything else other than driving it and of course enjoying your life in Spain.
With Drivalia Ultimate - the all inclusive car hire at Alicante and Palma airport, hidden charges are a thing of the past which means you can plan your budget safe in the knowledge that the price you see is the price you pay.
Obviously prices for car hire depends on the time of year but off-peak you can often pick up a great deal on affordable all inclusive car hire with Drivalia from little more than 100 euros a week and with Drivalia Ultimate as we have said many times, the price you see is all you pay.  It is arguably the most honest and transparent car hire at Alicante airport and Palma airport.  You don't get charged for fuel at higher then normal prices, Drivalia are proud to base the Ultimate rate on our FULL to FULL fuel policy so you only pay for what you really need at a petrol station.  We have no need for additional insurance as there is no excess and of course no deposit! You can even pay for your car rental with a debit card!
Of course in the summer season it is a little more expensive but most part-time residents or regular visitors come in the colder months and even if you throw in a yearly summer holiday you can see that for anyone spending maybe 3 months of the year in Spain it is certainly no more expensive than owning a car, probably a lot cheaper and of course comes with no hassle.
Remember that at Drivalia we care for our regular customers and for those who have been before and who want to book another rental we welcome an email from you where we will calculate a special price just for you.  We can even book all of your trips in one go allowing you to budget your year and know exactly what your costs will be.
With Drivalia Ultimate there are no hidden extras, no surprises, no problems just hassle-free car hire that is honest, transparent and great value for money.  
We hope to see you soon!