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Why choose Drivalia for your next car hire?

Speed of service
We constantly receive feedback from clients about the speed of service that we offer, especially in busy holiday times.  If you pick up your car hire in the terminal there can often be queues… long queues and people have told us that they have spent an hour or in some cases much longer just waiting to be served.

Our shuttle service is designed to get you away from the crowds and into our office quickly and easily.  At peak times we have up to three busses running all day long.  Our staff are continually monitoring your flight so we know when you have arrived at the airport.

This year in Alicante we are installing new technology to make the returns process even faster.  We have always had clients in the bus and on their way very quickly but when launched, our dedictaed returns software will enable our team to process your return at lightning speed!

Honest and transparent car hire
We lead the way with the fair full to full fuel policy and now our Ultimate package offers truly all-inclusive car hire at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport.  We hate the way the car hire industry is being driven (low headline prices and then enourmous bills on arrival) and with drivalia Ultimate all inclusive car hire there are no hidden extras.  The price you see really is the price you pay.  It´s a fair an honest price.  You take the car full and return full so there is no fuel to pay Drivalia for, the car has fully comprehensive insurance with absolutely no excess which means no deposit car hire at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport is now possible.  You get a free extra driver, free unlimited km and all in all a fair and honest car hire experience.

Great Cars
We are proud to have one of the newest fleets in the business nad we renew our cars much more frequently than some car hrie companies.  We have a wide selection of models too which means that we will have the perfect car for you and it will be a pleasure to drive.

Great people
Having shiney new cars is not much good if you don´t have the right team.  We love our staff and in turn they love our clients.  All of our staff are multi-lingual so there are never language barriers and they all have extensive experience and a real passion to make your car hire experience smooth and enjoyable.

Debit card car hrie at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport
With our Ultimate all inclusive car hire package we make debit card car hrie at Alicante airport and Palma airport entirely possible.  We know that not everyone has a credit card and most people who do have one don´t want thousands of euros being blocked off.  With Drivalia Ultimate there is no deposit and you can pay for your car hire with a debit card.

Convenient cars close to office
When you arrive at our office you will see that we are different to the on-site companies.  Our fast shuttle service with uniformed drivers brings you right to the door and our cars are conveniently prepared and parked in easily identifiable bays right outside the office which means less walking with your luggage and staff just a stones throw away if you have any queries.

So with all this and alot more besides it isn´t any wonder why Drivalia continue to be one of the highest rating car hire companies in Alicante and Mallorca on independent review sited. If you have not tried us yet then visit our website at and book your honest, transparent and all-inclusive car hire at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport right now!