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Canalobre Caves

Just 24km from Alicante are the Canalobre Caves. Located just outside the small town of Busot, these magnificent caves are said to be one of the largest cave systems in Spain. The caves are believed to have been formed in around 740AD within the mountain ridge known as ‘Cabezón de Oro’, translated as ‘big golden head’, when water eroded through the limestone rock. During the Spanish Civil War, the entrance visitors use today was created, and throughout the war the caves were used as a factory for aeroplane engines.
Once through the entrance, visitors descend a flight of stairs into the main vault. With some sections 70 metres in height, the cave has been compared to great Gothic Cathedrals with their tall echoing interiors. Because of these high ceilings and good acoustics, concerts are occasionally held down here; a special experience if you can get tickets. Stalactites and stalagmites glisten in the coloured lights and throw eerie shadows onto the floors, walls and ceilings. Still growing at a rate of around 1cm every 100 years they form odd shapes, some resembling animals and one resembling a candelabra, from which the caves take their name. Canelobre Caves The caves can be visited throughout the year and you must be part of one of the tours that run hourly. These are conducted in both Spanish and English. The caves don’t close for siesta so they’re ideal for when you want to escape the midday heat.
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The caves are accessed via a mountainous road. There is a small car park outside the entrance and an outside picnic area that overlooks Alicante. The village of Buscot is just five minutes’ drive away; here you will a number of places serving lunchtime tapas. Canalobre Caves are around 45 minutes from Alicante Airport and Drivalia Car Rental. For more information on the Canelobrea caves, click here.