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Moraira: naturally a good place to visit

Moraira is a small costal town which forms part of the Teulada municipality and is situated  80km north of Alicante. This old fishing town is set between 8km of attractive coastline and green mountains. It is home to around 10,000 permanent residents and enjoys average yearly temperatures of 18 degrees. The Moraira climate was recognised in 1986 by the World Health Organisation as one of the most well-balanced anywhere in the world.
Although tourism has become the main source of income, the town still retains the charm of a fishing village, with a weekly fish auction held from Tuesday to Sunday in the ‘Lonja’ – the public exchange in the port area. As wells as a strong fishing heritage, the town is famous for the growing of Muscatel grapes, used in wine making, which are grown on vineyards in the hills overlooking the town. The 8km of coastline offer beachgoers plenty of choice, with the clear azure Mediterranean lapping at fine sandy beaches, rocky outcrops and coves. One popular spot is a cove called the Portet. This natural shell-shaped harbour has in the past provided shelter for Roman, Greek and even pirate ships. Today the calm waters make it an ideal spot for watersports or a relaxing swim. The largest and most popular beach in Moraria is L’Ampolla. Just east of the port, this is one of the more central beaches. While not particularly wide, the sand stretches a long way inland so there is plenty of space to lay out a towel. Perched atop a small rock overlooking l´Ampolla beach is Castillo de Moraira, an 18th century fortress built to protect the town against Berber pirates. The castle was built by the ruling Bourbons, whose coat of arms adorns the entrance. The castle is 10 metres tall, high enough for a lookout to spot incoming enemy sails and open fire with the four bronze cannons kept atop the castle. In the early 1980s the castle was completely restored, bringing it back to its former glory.
Castillo de Moraira
For unrivalled views of the town and coastline, head up to Cap d’Or - the Golden Cape. Jutting out to sea near the Portet beach, this hill is crowned with Torre del Cap, a watchtower also used in the protection of the town against pirates. A path leads from Portet beach to the top of the hill and the tower which stands 11 metres high. Moraira evenings are relaxed. Of an evening many people take a stroll along the beachfront where there are plenty of restaurants and bars on offer. Or you can head inland through the narrow streets and into the old town, where you can sit at an outside table and watch the world go by.
Video promocional Teulada-Moraira by pgkcomunicacion
Moraria is around one hour’s car hire drive from Alicante Airport and Drivalia Car Rental. For more information on Moraria and neighbouring Teulada, visit their official website.