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Sax - inland Alicante

Drive north-west from Drivalia’s car rental depot at Alicante Airport along the A31 Autovia de Alicante toward Albacete for some 40 minutes and you will arrive at the small town of Sax. Perched at 471 metres above sea level, the town has kept a watchful eye on passing traffic since early times and served as a communications hub between the coast and inland plateau. There is evidence that Romans, Arabs and Christians all passed through here.
Since around the 10th Century, the town itself has been overlooked by the Castle of Sax (Castillo de Sax) built within a limestone ridge. Still today the castle cuts an impressive shape on the skyline with a square keep dating back to the 14th Century.
In the shadow of the castle, the town shows clear evidence of an Arabic origin, with narrow streets that follow the contours of the hillside and houses from the medieval period. In the Plaza San Blas, at the historic heart of the town, is the Ermita San Blas (Hermitage of San Blas) which houses the image of the town’s Patron Saint. Each February Sax celebrates its traditional Moors and Christians festival in honour of San Blas. Another of Sax’s main historical sites is the church of Our Lady of the Assumption built in the 16th century with a Renaissance façade that echoes the style of Murcia Cathedral.
Evidence of Roman occupation can be found at La Torre where the remains of a villa were discovered dating back to the middle of the first century AD. Also worth a visit while here in Sax is the Pocico de la Nieve or snow cave. Built in 1702 just to the north of the castle, this structure was used during the 18th and 19th Centuries to store snow ready to supply ice to the town and Alicante City at the coast during the hot summer months. Many visitors to Sax also use the town as a base for activities in the surrounding rugged countryside including: hiking, cycling, climbing, caving, and paragliding.
For further information visit the official Sax town website. It´s a town worth visiting and it´s just a stone throw away from your Drivalia car hire office at Alicante Airport.