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A day exploring Mula, Bullas and Cehegin by car rental

For a great day out by car rental in Murcia and making a change from the coastal attractions, choose a fine day to drive through the beautiful inland scenery between the city of Murcia and Cehegin, stopping at Mula and Bullas along the Mula River. All three towns offer things to do and see and many set off for Cehegin but decide instead to hang about in Mula or wine-rich Bullas, taking a leisurely lunch and exploring the picturesque streets and unique cultural places of interest. Mula Tiny hamlets situated along this route have been home to prehistoric inhabitants. Unspoilt even now, take the time for a delicious cup of morning coffee in Mula – many visitors choose to overnight at the local hotel where the breakfast is plentiful and delicious with fresh fruit and yummy home-made bread made with locally milled flour. Try the famous Spa Baths just outside Mula – they are reputed to be a sovereign pick-me-up for anyone suffering with a rheumatic condition. Mula also has an Artists’ Market that takes place each second Sunday in the month in the Plaza de Aynuntamiento from 9am until 2pm. To get to Mula from Murcia City, head southwest on Av. General Primo de Rivera, following the N-340, merging onto the A-30. Take Exit 138 for the E-15 toward Alcantarilla, Almeria and Granada. Take the E-15/ A-7 for 8km and exit at 651BA onto the C-415 for Mula and Caravaca. Merge onto the RM-15 and take Exit 20 for Mula town centre. Bullas A little further on and the highest municipality in the Murcia region with the exception of Moratalla, Bullas offers spectacular views and has a wonderful Wine Museum that shouldn’t be missed. Bullas’ red wines are legendary but the local white and rose wines are also celebrated. The Montrasell is outstanding. For more information on the Bullas Wine Museum visit the website
Wine is big business in Bullas and there are an amazing 200 or so small bodegas where you can be sure of a warm welcome, expert advice and plenty of samples. So if you plan on continuing your journey, bear in mind that Spanish police are hot on drink driving and it’s just not worth the risk to drink and drive!
The air itself is a tonic in the wine region that surrounds Bullas, acknowledged as the centre of the region’s wine industry. Fabulous scenery, superb local produce to see and taste (the local goat’s cheese is renowned throughout Spain), there is also a wide choice of accommodation should you want to break your car hire journey here. If not, continue your drive along the RM-15C and head for… Cehegin Cehegin! Quaint, beautiful Cehegin is 66km from Murcia City and full of ancient sites of interest. Unusual architecture and chock full of delightful churches and breath-taking landscaped areas…
There is so much here to discover it would be impossible to see everything in an hour or so. A national Treasure with all the flavours of its Moorish past… So your first stop on your Cehegin day out in Murcia is to collect a leaflet from the local Tourist Office in the Plaza del Castillo. Enjoy! Cehegin is the furthest point west on this car rental journey and around 90 minutes’ from the Drivalia depot at Alicante Airport.