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Top beaches in Valencia to enjoy the hottest Spanish sea!

As the capital of the region of Valencia and the third largest metropolitan area within Spain; this city has a current population of 1.75 million and has had some form of settlement present since ancient times.

Whilst Valencia is known for its culture and history, this city and surrounding coastal region also benefits from some absolutely magnificent beaches. Whilst many people would think of Alicante, Benidorm, and Torrevieja as the places to go for a little sun and relaxation, Valencia is actually packed full of world-class beaches. If you want to experience the Spanish sun, then check out these 5 awesome beaches located in and around Valencia:

1. Playa La Malva-Rosa
Malva-Rosa is easily the busiest beach in Valencia but it is also the most accessible and easiest to reach from the city center.
You can find La Malva-Rosa beach not too far from Valencia Polytechnic University in La Malva-Rosa district, just up from the main port area. The beach stretches for quite some distance and features soft, golden and warm sand that is at its thickest towards the southern end of the beach. As the most popular beach in Valencia, Malva-Rosa has a host of facilities and benefits from the grand promenade that runs adjacent to it – you can find bars, hotels and a range of other attractions to make your stay a comfortable one.  It also has many areas where you can park for free if you stay near this beach. In that case, you may be interested in renting a car with Drivalia at the Valencia airport.

2. Playa Pinedo
If you travel to the other side of the port and the estuary entering Valencia, you will come to Playa Pinedo. The small district on Pinedo is a quieter affair compared to central Valencia and is a great place to visit if you want to escape the crowds and noise of Malva-Rosa. The sand here is just as high quality as the other beaches of Valencia and the northern part of the beach is protected somewhat by the port barrier. In terms of amenities, Pinedo is not as well equipped as Malva-Rosa, but it is perfect if you want to take a picnic or own supplies to enjoy a peaceful day in the warm sun.

3. Playa Mara / Playa Puig
If you continue up the coast along the V-21 from the center of Valencia for approximately 20 minutes you will eventually reach a group of coastal village and towns including
Puigval, Play-Puig, and Mar Plata. This group of resorts has several fantastic beaches including Playa Mara and Playa Puig. Despite the relatively small size of these resorts, there is a surprising amount to do and see and it is advisable to enjoy a walk through the harbor at the Pobla Marina. The beaches are well protected by tidal barriers and the sand is pleasant to walk on. 

4. Port Saplaya
Only a short distance from Malva-Rosa and the center of Valencia, Port Saplaya is a fantastic beach and resort that is hugely popular despite its smaller size. If you travel along the main V-21 route northbound, you will eventually reach this small town. For those driving, Port Saplaya has a large car park and great facilities and it offers the perfect escape from Valencia if you don’t want to drive a long distance, especially in summer.  This small town is called by its inhabitants the little Venice. Will you miss it?

5. Playa Perellonet
If you are lucky enough to have a hire car, you can travel down the CV-500 coastal from central Valencia until you reach the quiet town of El Perellonet. The drive is pleasant and should take no longer than 30 minutes. Perellonet is mainly used as a holiday resort for Valencians, therefore, you can expect a quiet and reserved atmosphere. The beach is simply stunning and has been preserved to a fantastic condition.  Aside from the myriad of small hotels, you can find a handful of bars and restaurants, and the surrounding countryside is dotted with a patchwork of farmland – simply beautiful!

As you can see, Valencia is right up there in terms of sandy delights with the other big names on the eastern Spanish coast. If you want to try somewhere different, and escape the usual tourist traps dotted along the Costa Blanca, why not jump into a hire car from Drivalia at Valencia airport and sample these beaches for yourself?