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Top restaurants and Paella in Valencia

This bustling metropolis is home to over 700,000 citizens and has been a major Mediterranean port for centuries. When visiting Valencia you can marvel at penguins and walruses at the Oceanarium, take in the gorgeous architecture of the Valencia Cathedral and walk through kilometres of gardens at the Jardin del Turia.

Aside from the wonderful tourist attractions, Valencia is also a heaven for foodies and boasts a myriad of superb restaurants. In particular, Valencia is well-known for its Paella – this Spanish dish has become a speciality of the city and you can find a multitude of restaurants that serve delicious and hearty Paella at reasonable prices. We have gathered 6 of the finest restaurants in Valencia for your delight; several of which serve this dish:        

Casa Carmela

This welcoming restaurant is known as one of the best places to enjoy paella in the city. Located in the La Malva-Rosa district, this restaurant has the added benefit of being only a stone’s throw from the Playa del Cabanyal. This restaurant is easy to find, and it has the advantage that you can arrive there by car, because parking in this quarter is effortless. If you rent a car with us in Drivalia, you can easily get to this wonderful restaurant. Each paella is slow-cooked and it is advisable to make a reservation as they only serve a set number of dishes per day. The home-cooked paellas are simply divine and feature rare meats such as rabbit and duck which create some beautiful flavours.

El Canyar Restaurante
Although not well-known by tourists, El Canyar Restaurant is a true gem and offers some of the most authentic paellas in Valencia.This fine establishment has played host to celebrities such as Yoko Ono and Daniel Craig and is renowned for its delectable creations. Each paella is exquisitely produced and features just the right amount of rice – ingredients include monkfish, rabbit and duck and the taste is out of this world.

La Barraca de Toni Montoliu

This restaurant is located in the suburbs of Valencia and is not on the tourist trail. Despite this fact, it offers some truly magnificent paella. Located in the Meliana and Foios districts on Valencia this restaurant actually allows you to choose your own ingredients which is a nice touch. It is also possible to learn how to cook paella from the head chef! As most of the ingredients used are sourced from the owner’s garden, you are guaranteed a selection of fresh paella that is simply divine. The best way to arrive to this restaurant is by car, because public transport doesn’t pass so frequently through this area, so book your all-inclusive car hire at Valencia airport with Drivalia and take a drive to enjoy a wonderful paella.

Panorama Restaurant
In contrast to La Barraca, Panorama Restaurant is modern and located on a prime strip of Valencian beach. If you want a restaurant with a view, then this is the place to eat at! With both outdoor and indoor seating, the Panorama restaurant is a true delight and offers a range of beautifully cooked paellas. Aside from the paella, you can also enjoy a range of traditional Mediterranean dishes including seafood. The atmosphere is awesome and the food is world class!

Palace Fesol
This restaurant actually first opened in 1909 and is one of the oldest in Valencia. Palace Fesol can be found in a popular business area not far from the Gran Vía del Marqués del Turia. With an elegant interior featuring mosaics and fine decoration, the atmosphere of this restaurant is delightful. In terms of dishes, we recommend sampling the recherché fava bean creations which are bursting with flavour and zing.  

Navarro Restaurant
Located in the heart of Valencia close to the Olympia Theatre and the Town Hall, this restaurant is well-known for its local dishes and welcoming atmosphere. Founded over 60 years ago, Navarro serves a range of meals including rice, meat, fish and paella. All ingredients are usually sourced from local markets and are brimming with freshness. Consider tucking into the lobster paella and enjoying a jug or two of fruity sangria.

As you can see, Valencia is everything you could wish for and more in terms of culinary expertise. This city has it all – great sites, amazing culture and a dizzying array of magnificent restaurants. If you want to try a traditional Spanish paella or Mediterranean dish, we are certain that one of the above restaurants will serve you well!

So if you are in Valencia only for a few days, don’t hesitate and go tasting this amazing gastronomy. We would recommend you to hire a car, especially in summer, because it’s the easiest way to get everywhere without having to suffer long waits with public transport. Don´t forget that hiring a car at Valencia airport is easy with Drivalia where our Ultimate package provides truly all-inclusive car hire and where debit card car hire at Valencia airport is possible – thanks to Drivalia!