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Accidents happen...

The overwhelming majority of damage occurs to hire cars when they are either unnatended or when the driver hits something other than a moving car but however damage occurs its important that you follow some useful advice.

Remember that when you book your all-inclusive car hire at Alicante airport or Mallorca airport with Drivalia ULTIMATE you will never be charged for any damages unless of course they are due to negligence.

If you are involved in an accident the first thing is to stay calm.  If your accident  is on the road and involves another car then you must make sure that everyone is safe.  When you book an all inclusive car hire from Drivalia your car will be supplied with warning triangles which you need to place in front and behind the cars to warn other drivers. You should also put on your high visibility jacket and move passengers away from the vehicle if the car is in

If anyone is injured then you must call 112 for an ambulance. Also, if anyone is injured or the accidentis serious request that the Police attand. Don´t worry, the operators will usually speak your language.

It is also very important that you complete the blue accident report form with both parties completing and signing it.  Completing this form is vital and failure to do so could increase your liability.  This form will later enable our insurers to follow up the issue so please keep your copy safe as we will need it.  Take photographs of the scene and any damages to either vehicle so that later these can be passed to the insurers.

Ask if there are any witnesses who are willing to give their details because this could come in very useful later.

You must call Drivalia who will advise you what to do next and who will work with you to agree the best course of action to get you back on the road fast.  If needed we will dispatch a replacement car and collect yours, if the car is driveable then this may or may not be the case.  It all depends on the level of damage.

What you must remember is that when you book with Drivalia and choose our Ultimate all-inclusive car hire at Alicante airport or if you have purchased our SCDW cover then all of our help and assistance will be provided completely free of charge.

What about if you damage that car and there are no other parties involved or you find the car damaged when you return to it?

The actual procedure will again depend on the extent of the damage.  If your car simply has a scratch then clearly the most convenient thing is for you to carry on with your holiday as normal.  In any case call Drivalia and we will advise what to do. 

When you book the Drivalia Ultimate all-inclusive car hire package remember that we are here to help you no matter what hapens and at no cost to yourself.  Whatever you need, just call us!