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Keep it simple - Drivalia Ultimate, the easy way to hire a car in Spain!

There are many reasons why hire cars are getting more and more popular, even if it’s not always obvious. To try and help you to understand, we’re going to be exploring the popularity of the hire car, and why it’s such a big part of how we holiday.


A Culture Of Simplicity


As a society, we look for a certain level of simplicity. Some people might even argue that our culture is based on it. We’re forever looking for ways in which we can make our culture easier. It makes much sense for people to consider an option which is easy for them.


This is why the hire car is such a popular choice and why in particular Drivalia Ultimate all inclusive car hire is attracting hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers. It has been designed to be the simple way to hire out a vehicle for your holiday without any hassle and with a simple and transparent “what you see is what you pay” pricing structure. All inclusive car hire at Santiago airport and any of our other locations in Spain is the most sensible option of getting a vehicle and every year countless families trust Drivalia to care for their car hire needs because it’s a much more simple option for people to consider.


For those who have hired cars and perhaps not used Drivalia you will know the usual drill of searching the internet, looking for deals, seeing low prices, being confused over what is included and what is not and then the long queues at the airport desk and the confusion over what you have actually booked and the surprises of the final bill that you have to pay when you arrive.  This is where Drivalia Ultimate is different.


We launched Drivalia Ultimate all inclusive car hire in Spain a couple of years ago because our customers repeatedly told us that they understand that cars do have a value and they cost money and that they wanted to know the full and final real price from the outset with no extras and a super simple “pay and go” approach. You will get great value for money, no risk, no hassle and no stress.

No credit card? No Problem!

As leading car hire suppliers at Alicante airport and five other popular airport locations in Spain we are proud to offer debit card car hire at Mallorca airport and all of our other locations for our Ultimate customers.  


As well as the simplicity of the pricing, you will find that Drivalia Ultimate is probably the fastest way to hire your car.  We operate swift transport to our offices where our friendly staff will check you in super fast (it literally takes a couple of minutes) and then you will be handed your key and your car will be parked just a few metres from the door!


Remember that as well as offering our best value car hire at Alicante airport we have offices which all offer Drivalia Ultimate all inclusive car hire at Mallorca, Valencia, Bilbao, Santiago & Girona airports.


So if you are looking for simple car hire and the best way to hire a car at Alicante airport or any of our other offices then check out Drivalia Ultimate at