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New places to rent a car with Drivalia: Girona, Bilbao, and Santiago

As part of our continued development; Drivalia has recently opened three new offices at important locations within Spain – Girona, Bilbao, and Santiago. These three new rental locations open up a whole new range of opportunities for both tourists and the local population and give a greater amount of flexibility to explore these superb Spanish regions.

Drivalia already has an established selection of rental locations including Mallorca, Valencia, and Alicante which covers Southern Spain and one of the most important Balearic Islands. These three additional offices take our brand to the northern parts of the Spanish mainland and give us practically full and comprehensive coverage of the whole of Spain.

What can you expect from Girona, Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela?

You can expect the same level of service and quality that Drivalia is renowned for to start with. These new airport offices offer a great range of quality vehicles and are all within a short distance of the airport terminals. If you are looking for an honest and transparent car hire service then look no further. The paragraphs below describe what to expect from our three new locations.

Girona – A gateway to southern France

Girona is located in-between Barcelona and the Spanish/French border
and has a population of just under 100,000. This city is ideally situated for those wishing to travel to Barcelona and experience the sites of the capital. Furthermore, it is also ideally located for those who wish to drive into France and explore its gorgeous south coast.

In terms of tourist attractions, Girona features its original defensive city walls which are perfect to take a walk along. Additionally, Girona Cathedral is one of the cities icons and stands proudly in the historic town center – admire the super Romanesque architecture and see the immense Baroque bell tower.

If you are interested in history, there is also the insightful Museum of Jewish History that contains some fantastic displays about the cities Jewish quarter and heritage. Finally, the city also contains an ancient Arabic bathhouse complex that has some opulent decoration and a series of interesting stone pools to explore. As you can see, Drivalia's hire car office in Girona will allow holidaymakers to take advantage of the cities fantastic sites but also explore further afield at their own leisure.        

Bilbao – A northern Spanish treasure

Bilbao is one of the most prominent cities in the north of Spain and is the capital of the province of Biscay. With a population of 345,000, it is the tenth largest city in the country and has an extensive urban area. Furthermore, the city is the main economic center of the north with a huge port and a plethora of mining operations.  This city is ideally located for those wishing to explore Northern Spain and is not far from other delightful destinations such as Santander, Oviedo, and Zaragoza.

For the budding tourist making use of our hire car service, Bilbao is a city waiting to be explored. Within the confines of this metropolis, you can find a fantastic combination of history and architecture, but also some amazing modern museums and public parks. The Casco Viejo (old town) for example is truly charming – the beautiful ancient structures sit on the banks of the river and are interlinked by 5 gorgeous stone bridges.

In terms of museums, Bilbao has a great deal to offer – The Guggenheim Museum is a work of art in itself and contains a plethora of important pieces of art whilst the Museum of Fine Arts contains beautiful paintings from Van Dyck and Zurbaran. Alternatively, the Euskal Museo presents an insightful look at the history of the Basque country, and the Archaeological Museum allows visitors to explore the regions ancient past.  Bilbao also benefits from a range of superb beaches for those who simply want to relax.

Our car hire service at Bilbao airport gives you the ability to control your own holiday, explore Northern Spain, and see the delights of this diverse city.

Santiago – An eastern delight

Santiago de Compostela is a superb city that is sometimes overlooked. This capital of Galicia has a population of just 95,000 and is located in the far north west of Spain, not far from the Portuguese border. Santiago is a historical city and its old town center has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it is also an important site of pilgrimage for Catholics across the world. Santiago is definitely a great location for a car-hire service and our office is ideally placed in the main airport terminal.

As mentioned above, the old town of Santiago is simply amazing. The Cathedral of Santiago is the most important Christian building in Spain and features some simply stunning architecture and interior decoration. Additionally, the Casa do Cabildo and the Colegiata de Santa Maria la Real de Sar are two interesting structures with intriguing histories. The city also features several world class museums including the Contemporary Art Gallery and the Museo das Peregrinacions.

New places to rent a car with Drivalia

Outside of Santiago, you can easily reach some other fantastic locations such as the city of Vigo, the northern town of A Coruña and the beautiful towns on the Portuguese border.

As you can see, these three new Drivalia Hire-car locations have truly opened up a myriad of new possibilities and will allow customers to experience the delights of Northern Spain.