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Which side is the fuel cap?

We pride ourselves on offering what is probably the most honest and transparent car hire at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport and one of the things we are famous for is our Full to Full fuel policy.  When you book this way you don´t get any surprises over the cost of fuel on arrival, you simply take the car conveniently supplied full of fuel and just top it up before you return.

In fact hiring a car from Drivalia couldn´t be easier but we have all experienced that moment when you drive into a petrol station and don´t know which side the filler cap is on.  You can try hanging your head out of the window but there is an easier way that not a lot of people know about.

On the majority of cars, if you look at the fuel level indicator on the car dashboard you will see next to the little picture of the petrol pump a small arrow pointing to the left or right.  This shows you which side the filler cap is on!  It´s such a simple little thing but saves a lot of hassle when you get to the pump and have to reserve round because you have gone to the wrong side!  Take a look on your own car and on your next hire car and in the majority of cases this will be clear!

Remember that as well as the full to full fuel policy offered by Drivalia, if you book our Ultimate package there really are no hidden extras at all.  What you get is a fair, honest and final price.  You don´t even need to worry about searching for top up insurance because the car is fully comprehensively insured against all risks with absolutely no excess or deposit.  Because Drivalia Ultimate offers no deposit car hire at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport it also means that you can pay with a debit card.  Debit card car hire is becoming very difficult to find but is very useful for many people so don´t forget the debit card car hire at Alicante airport and Mallorca airport is possible at Drivalia when you book our Ultimate package!

So, remember to look for the small arrow so that you have no more hassle at the petrol pumps and book your next car hire with Drivalia on our most popular package - Ultimate for a truly relaxing and great value for money holiday!