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Why Drivalia is your best choice!

Each car rental company offers something slightly different in terms of price, vehicles, and service. How do you know who to trust? How do you know which companies are genuine and will deliver what they advertise? How can you make an informed choice and pick an honest and service orientated car rental company such as Drivalia?

The following is a list of positive pointers that you should look for in a car rental company together with a comparison of where some companies fall short. This information should help you choose wisely, hire a car from the right company, and enjoy your self-driving adventure!  

Providing a transparent service with no hidden fees

A main driving factor for many people is cost. Holidays and road trips can be expensive – the last thing you need is an unexpectidly expensive car hire service. Many car rental companies in Spain offer extremely low hire costs – these costs appear to be fantastic and most people will hire car at rock bottom prices without any further consideration. What many people do not understand however is that these low prices are often offset by other costs. Always read the conditions when you book to see what you have included and what else may be required (things like fuel payments, deposits and so on).

We strive to provide full pricing transparency. Our prices may be a little higher than those companies offering a “cheap” service, but we will not land our customers with hidden fees at the end of the contract.

Putting the focus on customer satisfaction

Whilst price is a large factor, service and customer satisfaction is also hugely important. Some Spanish car rental companies are solely concerned with volume and sales – they simply wish to push through as many customers as possible and care little for their actual service. Using a service such as this may cause much hassle – you may find yourself stuck in long queues at service desks, or struggle to locate your vehicle. You may even experience delays in collecting your hire car or sorting through the paperwork.

Drivalia strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction and we do whatever we can to ensure the whole process runs smoothly from start to finish. Our dedicated car centers are logically located and we also provide shuttle bus transport so airport passengers can quickly pick up their vehicle. Furthermore, we use our 45 years of experience to continually review our service and look at ways of improving our customer’s experience.

Offering a fleet of well-maintained and modern vehicles

So, you have hired a car from a reputable company and so far the service has been great. You arrive at the parking lot and you look in dismay as you inspect your vehicle – it is run down, poorly maintained and unclean. When choosing a car rental company, you obviously want a quality vehicle! You do not want to spend 2 weeks in Spain driving a potential death trap! Some car rental companies can offer such low prices as they do not keep their fleet of hire cars well maintained – they may use second-hand cars and perform the bare minimum maintenance to keep them operational.

This can dampen your spirits and really affect the overall enjoyment of your holiday. This is why Drivalia maintains a fleet of high-quality vehicles that are regularly inspected, serviced and cleaned to the highest of standards between each client. We want you to enjoy driving your vehicle and we want to provide a set of modern vehicles that are comfortable, reliable and high performance.

Delivering exceptional customer service

Oftentimes, customers will collect their hire car as soon as they have landed from a flight. The last thing they need is poor customer service. Furthermore, once you have finished your holiday and are handing back your vehicle, you simply want to complete the process as quickly as possible. Many car hire companies in Spain see customer service as an afterthought – they may excel in other areas of their business, but their team of employees may not be sufficiently trained to provide customers with a fantastic experience.

Drivalia’s customer service is second to none. As mentioned above we put our customers first and do what we can to deliver the perfect car hire service. If you have any queries or complaints, our well-trained, multi-lingual staff will address your issue promptly. We will also maintain a high degree of transparency and be courteous, honest and polite at all times.

Hopefully, this article has provided insight into the various types of car hire company available. You should now be clear on what you can expect, and what to look for to pick the perfect package for your holiday. We hope that the service Drivalia provides stands out to you and we can guarantee that you would not regret choosing our car-rental service!