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Why Is A Hire Car in Spain The Best Way To Get Around On Holiday?

Why Is A Hire Car in Spain The Best Way To Get Around On Holiday?

When you’re on holiday, there’s often a lot to see and do. We don’t usually go away just to sit in a hotel room and stare at the walls. Excitement, new discoveries and the promise of culture await people who take the time to go on holiday, but they need the right transportation to get around. You can’t expect to be able to enjoy yourself and see all the sights if you can’t get to them!

To facilitate this travel, a lot of people choose to use a car hire in Spain to get from one place to another and Drivalia Ultimate all inclusive car hire in Alicante, Bilbao, Mallorca, Santiago, Valencia & Girona is a guaranteed way to have a relaxing and stress free car hire experience. There’s a lot of reasons why this is the best choice for people going away. To try and help make sure you grasp the value of our all inclusive car hire at Alicante airport (and five other locations), we’re going to look at those reasons here.


One of the main advantages to a car to drive around is that, well, it’s just easier! Think about it like this. There might well be public transport, and you’ve always got your feet to walk. However, public transport is on a fixed schedule, and neither that nor your feet will help when you want to go hours away and come back in the same day. That’s why a hire car in Spain is such a good idea. It’s an easy way to get around, because you can drive whenever you want, and not spend your day confined to some kind of schedule. That’s what makes our best value car hire from Alicante airport such a good idea, because it’s hugely convenient. And talking of convenience, remember that we have offices at six of the most popular Spanish airports.

Time Saved Is Time Gained

The other main reason why a car is the best method of transportation on holiday is the time you save. Walking to places can take a long time. Public transport also suffers in this area, because buses or trains would be constantly stopping and starting to pick up and drop off passengers. However, a car is a very simple way to get from point A to point B. There’s no worrying about things, and you’re much more likely to just be able to enjoy as much of your holiday as possible. The less time that is allotted to travelling means that there’s more time for you to do all of the things that you want to do. And with debit card car hire at Santiago airport and all our other locations, you’ll be able to be driving from the very beginning of your holiday.

Overall, these are just a few of the different reasons why a car hire in Spain with Drivalia is definitely the best kind of transportation for people who are on holiday. We offer all inclusive car hire at six Spanish airports to give you the best possible holiday experience. We believe that if you don’t have to waste time with complicated car hire procedures and other such issues, which si why Drivalia Ultimate is arguably the fastest car hire in town meaning you’ll have more time to spend exploring your holiday destination. It’ll be the best possible option for people who just want to get out and see the world.  Don´t forget that with Drivalia Ultimate you benefit from complete peace of mind, great service and a competitive and fair price that is completely transparent.  Remember that Drivalia Ultimate is Spanish car hire with no hidden extras!