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Why Is Spain The Best Holiday Choice?

You can go to a lot of different places for your holiday. It is a very big world, and there’s so much to explore and see. However, people often go to the same kinds of places every time. America, France, Hawaii - these are all tourist spots which are quite popular, but they’ve also become the go-to for most people. One of the most popular countries to visit is Spain.

Spain is a wonderful place for people to go, and it offers a lot of different options for things to do from tranquil beach holidays to action packed adventures and of course soaking up the Spanish culture.  All of these things can be explored easily with the freedom and flexibiliity that a quality car hire in Spain from Drivalia offers. In order to make sure you see why Spain is the best choice, we’re going to be taking a look at a few reasons why we believe that Spain is one of the best destinantions to visit for your holidays.

The Gorgeous Scenery and Weather

One thing that you can not doubt about Spain is that it looks incredible. Whether it’s taking a walk in the charming Spanish Countryside, or afternoons spent by the seaside among the waters. You should definitely see it all - sparkling seas backed up by beautiful beaches, stretching along the coastline as far as the eye can see. All of this is supported by beautiful weather as well, with sun, sun and sun being the main conditions that greet people who visit. And with debit card car hire at Alicante airport, it’s never been easier to get from one destination to the next.

Food and Drinks

With every new place that comes into our lives, there’s an abundance of food to check out. Spain is a country which has a lot of delicious and exotic dishes, and it’s a challenge to sample all of them in one trip! From Tapas to a wide range of alcoholic beverages which will alternate from one location to the next, there’s a lot to sample in Spain. It’s actually a very easy to enjoy a completely different dish for every meal of your stay, which means that you’ll experience a lot of the wonderful foods which make up Spanish cuisine. And if you’ve heard of any places which you’d like to visit, you can get to them easily with the use of our Ultimate all inclusive car hire from Alicante airport.

Overall, these are just a few of the different kinds of things which make Spain such a fantastic place to visit and the ideal holiday destination. To try and help you get around Spain, we’ve perfected our best value car hire from Alicante airport and our Ultimate all inclusive car hire at six Spanish airports is trusted by hundreds of thousands of clients every year to make their holidays relaxed and easy. We offer vehicle hire in a wide range of locations besides Alicante, so you can get access to a car as soon as you land in Spain.

Our all inclusive car hire is designed to be simplistic and easy. You make one payment for your vehicle and that’s it. There’s no hidden charges, and no multiple payments. This means you pay, drive away and forget. Our Ultimate all inclusive car hire in Spain package benefits from the full to full fuel policy, full cover with no excess and no deposit, free 2nd driver and many other benefits. It’s all to help you experience as much of Spain as possible. It really is a beautiful place, and a highly rewarding experience for anyone who’s interested in visiting, so it’s well worth looking into making this idyllic paradise your holiday destination