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Four Fun Things To Do In Santiago De Compostella

Ah, Spain. A land of rich heritage and cultural identity. It’s also a location where all kinds of different people gather together for one reason - to holiday. A particularly promising location inside Spain is called Santiago De Compostella. It’s an absolutely beautiful location, and one which a lot of people take the time to visit on a daily basis. However, not everyone knows what the best things to do in this place actually are. To try and help you to get up to date with this, we’re going to be taking a look at four fun things to do while visiting Santiago De Compostella.

Museo da Catedral

The first option on our list is the excellent Museo da Catedral. It’s a four floor museum which shows off all of the rich history of the area and provides you with an interesting look at how the surrounding lands developed over the years. It’s a truly riveting experience for anyone who appreciates history and architecture, and with all inclusive car hire at Santiago airport, reaching it has never been easier.

Casa das Crechas

There’s nothing quite like a taste of the nightlife when you go on holiday, and Casa das Crechas is definitely a facility which can cater to that particular need. What you have to understand is that there’s a very rich and vibrant nightlife in Spain, and it’s all waiting for you to explore. There’s drinks, plenty of people, and a lot of folk, jazz and easy music that’ll have you enjoying a mellow night. It’s a pretty good idea for anyone who’s looking to enjoy themselves but not to wind up with a raging hangover in the morning. Debit card car hire at Santiago airport means that this option is easy to reach from wherever you might be (but this may be one night out where it´s best to leave the car at the hotel and take a taxi!).

Mercado de Abastos

Another great place for people to check out is the market, which has been long since refined for a whole host of people. You’ve got everything that you could want, from a variety of fish to a selection of local delicacies. It’s perfect for any fan of food, and can be reached with ease thanks to our best value car hire at Santiago airport.

Hostal dos Reis Católicos

The last, but by no means least item on our list is this hotel which is actually quite a historical location in the area. It caters to tourists and travellers, but there’s a lot of the grounds which are available for people to have a look at and explore, so it’s well worth doing. And with all inclusive car hire from Santiago airport, you know you’ll be able to reach it with ease.

Overall, these are just a few of the best things to do in Santiago De Compostela. It’s a very powerful experience to visit this place and see all of its unique features, so it’s well worth checking out. And with best value car hire at Santiago airport, we’ve tried to make sure that you can experience as much as possible with the peace of mind that comes from our Ultimate all inclusive car hire at Santiago airport.