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Fun in the sun...but stay safe!

A week or two away with sun, sea, sand and Sangria is a great way to relax and when you rent a car in Alicante airport or Palma airport with Drivalia you have the freedom to get out and see some amazing things as well as enjoying a endless array of beaches and other places to soak up the sun.

The sun in Spain is incredibly strong but following some common-sense guidelines can help to ensure you are not one of the many who end up getting medical help because of the heat!

Sun Cream is a must for everyone and a high factor SPF is really important.  Rememebr that sun cream does not stop you gettint a tan, it just stops some of the harmful rays getting through to yoru skin which means you can gradually build a lovely tan without burning!  As you drive your hire car around Alicante, Palma or further afiield you will probably visit beaches and that means going in the sea.  Even if your sun cream is water resistant make sure you apply more after your swim (the same applies to pools of course).  Remember that the water amplifies the intensity of the sun so the sun cream is arguably more important when you are wet! Apply the cream according to the guidance given on the package because one time in the morning really is not enough.

A good quality after-sun to end each day will help to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.  If you notice yourself going red then a higher SPF cream is obviously what you need.  In Spain the pharmacies ("Farmacias") are all over the place and the staff will give you good advice on the best sun cream and after sun regime for your skin type.

Light clothing helps to keep the rays of the sun away from the skin and however much you enjoy running around in almost nothing do remember to give your skin some rest.  Cotton clothing is great as it helps your skin to breathe so you don't end up sweating too much.  Wear a hat with a large brim to keep the direct rays of the sun off your head and neck which is one of the most common areas to burn quickly.  

Drink plenty!  And we mean water!  Dehydration is a huge cause of people getting sick with the heat.  You should drink as much water as you can throughout the day to replace the liquid lost through sweating.  Of course you are likley to want to leave your hire car at the accomodation sometimes and have a glass of wine or two.  Most Spaniards order water as well as their alcoholic drinks when eating or rotate between one alcoholic drink and water or juice when in bars.  Remember that alcohol also dehydrates you so by drinking plenty of water between alcoholic drinks you will stand a much better chance of waking up feeling full of energy!

Try to stay in the shade as much as you can when you walk around exploring all of the wonderful places in Alicante or Palma that you visit in your hire car.  The body was simply not designed to be exposed to the power of the sun for huge periods so take some sun but balance it with time out of the direct strength of the sun.

Bring your EHIC or insurance papers!  To be honest it is rare that people suffer too much or becomes seriously sick if they follow advice such as that given in this article but if you do find yourself burned by the sun or feeling a little unwell then as well as the chemists shops you will always find excellent service in both the state-owned and private hospitals and clinics but let's hope that most of you are sensible sun-lovers and don't need to resort to getting medical help!

Finally remember that all hire cars in Alicante and Palma supplied by Drivalia comes with a wonderful function called air conditioning so as you enjoy your car you can stay cool and fresh in the summer heat!

Happy holidays!