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The Best Beaches To Visit Near Bilbao

There’s no doubt that Bilbao is a very promising holiday destination. It’s known for a lot of things, but one of its more well known charms is the abundance of beaches which are dotted around. Some of them are fairly mediocre, but others are absolutely fantastic and definitely worth visiting when you’re in the area. Those are the ones that we’re interested in, so we’re going to be taking a look at our top selection of them.

The North of Spain is a vast area and having the flexibility of a hire car means that you can see so much more during your visit to this beautiful part of Spain.  Of course, booking your all inclusive car hire at Bilbao airport with Drivalia means that you get the newest cars, the best service and overall what we believe to be the best choice car hire at Bilbao airport. So, let´s take a look at some of these amazing beaches that you can visit and explore.


The first beach that you should visit is called Sopelana. It’s a truly beautiful place, surrounded by gorgeous cliff lines and a stunning sea. You could easily spend hours here just relaxing and enjoying yourself. There’s even cafes so you can make a proper day out of it. Normally, you’d have to take the metro line to get here, followed by some complicated winding routes through the town. However, thanks to our all inclusive car hire in Bilbao, you can easily get close to the beach whenever you want.


The next beach that we want to showcase is called Azkorri. It’s been a firm favourite over the years, but it’s also tucked out of the way so it’s a bit of a journey! There’s one very crucial thing that you need to consider when you come here. This is a nudist beach so don´t be shy! If you’re not okay with this, then it’s possibly not for you. But those who can work past it will be rewarded with a lovely beach that has a lot to appreciate. With the best value car hire in Bilbao from Drivalia, reaching this particular beach has never been easier.


The last beach that we want to talk about is Plentzia. It’s a very fun and quiet little place that really feels like an isolated haven. The beach itself is lovely, and on the right day you’ll have a lot of people visit it. Of course when you book your no deposit debit card car hire at Bilbao airport with Drivalia you are fully covered because Drivalia Ultimate is no excess car hire in Bilbao.  This means that on a busy day even if the parking is bussling you don´t have to worry if the car does sustain a bump or a scrape! There’s a nice atmosphere at this beach, the sort you’d expect from a quiet little town nestled away from all of the hubbub and noise of the bigger towns and cities. It’s a good way to see Bilbao as a normal place instead of an artificial tourist destination. Usually, it’s quite a way out, being the last stop on the metro line. However, with Drivalia Ultimate all inclusive car hire in Bilbao, you can easily reach this elusive destination and experience it for yourself.

To summarise, these are a few of the best beaches to visit in Bilbao. Each offers a different experience so there’s something for every kind of holiday goer. Obviously, you want to make sure that you’re not going to a crowded and artificial holiday environment. That’s why having a hire car is a great idea, because you can experience these places for yourself. They’re all a lovely way to experience the joy and natural environments that Spain is known for, which is why you would be wise to plan some of them into your visit to the area.