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Honest and Transparent Car Hire: Why is it crucial for your holidays?

Drivalia prides itself on providing an honest and transparent car hire service – it is what we built our company on, and how we set ourselves apart from the competition. We do not want to be like the other car-hire companies who often use less than reputable tactics to win custom. We want to give you the customer the bare facts so that you can enjoy a stress-free holiday in one of our high quality vehicles.

So why exactly is honest and transparent car hire important and why is it crucial for your holiday? What difference does this ethos make and how does it improve your overall experience? The following 6 pointers are some of the main reasons as to why we believe wholeheartedly in a car-hire service that you can trust and rely on:     

To ensure you have the means to travel freely

At Drivalia we ensure we have an extensive fleet to meet our customer’s requirements. During busy summer periods we strive to maintain a larger range of vehicles to cope with the influx of holidaymakers. We believe it is important that when hiring a car, you should have immediate access to a vehicle, and not have to wait until one is available. The airport can be a stressful place and it is not uncommon to experience queues and long delays – having to then wait even longer for your hire car is simply unacceptable!   Find more info hereCars for summer.

To ensure you don’t have to pay any crippling hidden fees

In most cases, the cost of a hire-car is NOT what is advertised. You may see an advert from a car-hire service that is labelled as X amount per day – when you read the small print, or come to make your final payment, you may be unpleasantly surprised! Many car hire companies have a plethora of hidden fees that do not become apparent until you pay your bill – with Drivalia ULTIMATE we ensure that you are aware of all the costs up-front, and that you will not be hit with any additional fees on settlement.

We believe this is hugely important as we understand that holidaymakers and tourists often have a limited amount of available funds. Before taking a trip, most people will set aside certain amounts for different funds – travel, shopping, excursions etc. If they are hit with unexpected fees at the end of their car-hire term, this could cause serious problems and result in a huge amount of stress from trying to source their required amount. When using Drivalia ULTIMATE, our transparency ensures that you can plan ahead and relax knowing that you have your car-hire payment covered. Know more about Drivalia’s transparency Cost of car hire – Drivalia vs The World.

To avoid lengthy queues at the Airport

Part of our honest and transparent service is to get our customers into their vehicle quickly and in a timely and organised fashion. Oftentimes, when using a car-hire service at an airport, you can experience delays and spend a lot of time simply stood waiting. Many people are unaware of the procedure, and many people struggle to locate their car-hire agent or simply get stuck in long queues at the customer service desk. This can be immensely frustrating, and results in unnecessary time spent in the airport when you should be safely in your car and heading out onto the open road!

We are aiming to eliminate waiting times by introducing such methods as a shuttle bus that transports customers directly from the airport terminal to our car-hire office. Instead of standing in a queue, you can simply find our rep, hop on the shuttle, and enjoy a short ride to our car-hire depot – what could be simpler? Additionally, our car-hire depots are situated in prime locations, and any transfer time from the airport terminal to the offices is minimal. Forget about horrible airport delays, Drivalia will get you on the road in no time! → Why choose Drivalia for your next car hire?

To avoid unreasonable damage charges and excess payments

Car-hire damage is one of the grey areas that has caused a myriad of issues for both the car-hire company and the customer. Understandably, car-hire companies such as Drivalia have to protect their vehicles and ensure that any damage is paid for. On the flip side, customers should not be charged for any damage they did not cause.

It is not uncommon for car-hire companies to charge customers unfairly for damage that they have not caused – not every customer is vigilant and some may not inspect their vehicle beforehand – this can leave the door open for the hire company to claim the customer has caused damage to their vehicle. Furthermore, some hire companies may charge over-the-odds for small scratches that will cost next to nothing to repair. Moreover, some companies may charge unreasonable fuel surcharges, or even charge customers their excess damage value.

Drivalia is wholeheartedly against these underhand practices. We understand the need for full disclosure at all times, and perform a pre and post vehicle inspection with the customer present. This ensures there are no surprise charges, and that both Drivalia and the customer can agree on any required charges in an amicable manner.  Find more info about insider damage charges:

To avoid relying on public transport and coach transfers

A further benefit of honest and transparent car-hire is that you then do not have to rely on public transport or tour operator coach transfers. Using a car-hire service that you can trust and rely on takes a whole host of pressure and stress away from you and your family.

You do not have to worry about train or bus time-tables, ensuring you are at the right station or bus terminal or delays that are out of your control. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about travelling in a vehicle that has no air-conditioning or is packed full with other tourists and locals. At Drivalia we understand the relative comfort and stability that using a hire-car service brings, so we do whatever we can to ensure your experience with us is favourable.  Discover moreDrivalia Benefits.

To reassure you of the quality of your hire car

Finally, an honest and transparent car hire service is required to provide the customer with a quality vehicle. If you cannot trust your car-hire company, then how can you be sure the vehicle that you are driving is safe? How can you be certain that it is insured and road worthy? How do you know that it will not break down or cause you problems throughout your holiday?

Drivalia is one of the top rated car-hire services in Spain. We provided a consistent service and a fantastic level of quality. We understand the need to reassurance, and for our customers to have a fleet of vehicles that they can rely on. Our 3.500 plus strong hire fleet receives regular maintenance and we circulate our vehicles often to ensure each car will run perfectly. Our honest and transparent service ensures that your driving experience will be trouble free. Discover the top rated car hire in Spain.

As you can see, the need for a car hire service that is transparent and honest is real. Our customers stand to gain a great deal from this particular method of service and we believe that our approach gives us a competitive advantage whilst giving the customer exactly what they deserve from their car-hire experience.