Exquisite beaches, exceptional golf courses and immense natural attractions combine at northeast Mallorca´s premier destination.

, Cala Millor – Mallorca´s “better bay”

Image credit: Sunrise at Sant Llorenç beach. Cristian Bortes

An endless beach with flaxen sand

In Catalan Cala Millor means “the better bay”, and the Blue Flag-rated bay at this resort most definitely merits its name. Framed by Arta’s mountains, which dominate the view to the north, the beach at Cala Millor rolls out for several scenic kilometres. As required for a Blue Flag, the pale sands are immaculately clean, as are the crystalline waters that bathe them. The beach is traced by palm trees and a waterfront area that has everything a family could need by day, and plenty of amenities for grown-ups to enjoy at night.

It’s not all about high-rise development and rowdy strips. Cala Millor has been developed with care, and there’s plenty of green space exemplified by the Punta de n’Amer, a secluded headland that marks Cala Millor’s southernmost point. Here there are small farms, aromatic scrubland and a defensive tower built hundreds of years ago to spot Ottoman corsairs.

Unforgettable natural wonders

In north-east Mallorca the landscape conceals huge subterranean chambers that have amazed generations of visitors, including the author Jules Verne. A few short kilometres to the south, at the resort of Porto Cristo, are the Cuevas del Drach, a system of four great interconnected caves that reach total depths of 25 metres and stretch out into the darkness for as much as 2.5 kilometres. Unmissable here is the Martel Lake, 30 by 115 metres and traversed by boat.

, Cala Millor – Mallorca´s “better bay”

Image credit: Mallorca – Cove de Drac (Porto Cristo) by Alf Igel

North of Cala Millor are the Cuevas de Arta, considered to be the most scientifically significant on the island. Here the emphasis is on the spectacular geology of the chambers, and the various stalagmites and stalactites are beautifully lit and easy to admire along elevated walkways.

First-class golf is par for the course

Mallorca and golf go hand-in-hand, but if you had to pick the holiday destination with the widest choice of local courses, Cala Millor wouldn’t be far off. Just to the north are four courses, all of which are 18-hole par 73s. The pick of these is Canyamel, which is placed in the top three on the island, and in turn ranks among the best in Spain. Canyamel undulates through beautiful Majorcan countryside, and provides a haven for wildlife including Mediterranean tortoises. There’s also a golf school, sleek restaurant and a great pro shop.

Other local choices include Capdepera, Pula and Son Servera, an intimate and affordable course amid olive trees, pines and oak forest, recently expanded from nine to 18 holes.

Head inland – and outdoors

Once you step away from Mallorca’s coastal resorts you encounter a beautiful rural interior, full of farms, protected natural spaces and sleepy old towns. One of the best ways to do this is to park-up your Drivalia hire car and hire a bike for the day. There are several rental companies in Cala Millor providing e-bikes as well as road and mountain-going machines. Be sure to find out if these companies organise tours or biking camps, as they’ll have access to the most scenic off-road trails and you’ll be able to ride in perfect safety with an experienced guide.

Walkers craving some adventure need look no further than the Serra de Llevant, just north of Arta. This is one of Mallorca’s most sparsely populated areas and is made up of craggy, forest-clad peaks reaching heights of just over 500 metres. This makes the range impressive to the eye but also very accessible to hikers.

Eat like you live here

Traditional Mallorcan food is superb, and there are several specialities that you have to take the time to seek out. Cured meats and sausages are a source of pride throughout Spain, and in Mallorca the local favourites are sobrasada and botifarra. The former is a bit like chorizo, but has a softer consistency. It’s lovely as a snack, spread on bread, but can be fried and served as an appetizer. Botifarra is like black pudding and has similar ingredients. In the winter it’s incorporated into a variety of warming stews.

Head into Manacor on Monday mornings to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a host of specialty foods and other artisan products.

You can get to Cala Millor in 50 minutes from the Drivalia car rental depot at Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI).
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