At Drivalia we realise that comparing car rental prices is not straightforward. OK it is nowhere near as difficult as comparing mobile telephone tariffs (or is just me that finds them confusing) but easy it is not.

, Nine tips for comparing car rental prices

To make your life a little easier we have recently introduced a “What’s Included” page to our website. We have set out as clearly as we can those items that are included and those that are available at additional cost. If you think we can improve this page please do let us know.

In addition our Operations Manager, Martin, has come up with the following 9 tips to help you when comparing car rental prices.

1. Know if you are booking with an agent or directly with a supplier.

If it’s an agent you´re booking with and you prefer a canadajacketsoutlet specific supplier, ask the agent to allocate you to a supplier of your choosing.

2. What exact charges will be imposed at the rental desk upon arrival.

3. Find out what insurance is included in your chosen rate?

Is there an excess on CDW or theft? If so, how much?

4. If there is an excess, ask how much would it cost to reduce the excess or how much credit will be retained on your credit card if top-up insurance is not purchased?

5. Check whether there are any additional exclusions in the insurance even if the excess reduction is purchased?

6. Which fuel policy is applied?

What is the approximate fuel cost if it is “Full to Empty”? Can I change the fuel
Canada Goose Women Parka policy to “Full to Full” if it’s not what I prefer? What is the cost to change it?

7. If applicable, what are the additional costs for extra drivers, out of hours pick up or return, etc?

8. Does the chosen supplier offer new cars or old cars?

(For the record, currently at Drivalia all of our cars are less than a year old).

9. Do they offer unlimited mileage?

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Please check out Drivalia car rental prices here and see ‘What’s Included’ here.

We do not claim necessarily to be the cheapest car hire company at Alicante Airport but we do believe we offer the best value for money.

If you need any further help with our pricing please contact us or post a message on our Facebook page. We want you to make the best choice for you and if it isn’t Drivalia on this occasion that is fine: we are grateful for you giving us a chance.