The Game Of Thrones Guide To Girona

It is the biggest thing on TV right now and with just a few episodes of the final series left, many Game Of Thrones fans will be wondering; what next? When the grieving period is over, you don’t have to forget the show. Instead, why not pack your bags and head off to see some of the fantastic Game Of Thrones filming locations, such as the medieval masterpiece that is Girona?  Even if you’re not a fan of the show, it is not hard to see why Girona is the perfect blend of reality and fantasy and a must-visit location.

Girona, King’s Landing, Old Town and Braavos

During season six of Game Of Thrones, Girona doubled up as many different locations for the action-packed drama series. Due to the beauty and history of Girona, many of the scenes didn’t have to be altered to look part of the fantasy world. In fact, in Game of Thrones, Girona managed to be three different locations including King’s Landing, Old Town and Braavos.

While some of the scenes were shot in the centre of Girona, it is well worth hiring a car in Girona so that you can explore some of the stunning scenery nearby. Fortunately, Drivalia offers the best value car hire in Girona, so you can get out and about to make the most of your break.

If you want to get your Game of Thrones fix after the grand finale, then these are the places to check out;

Sant Pere de GalligantsThe Monastery of Girona

Built in 992, the monastery was situated just outside of the city walls and was ruled by monks. However, the impressive, defensive-style architecture comes from the 15th century. By 1931, it was declared a national monument. Now, visitors can marvel at the beautiful architecture and visit the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia which is housed here.

Where do you recognise it from? The monastery served as the Citadel in Old Town. This is where Samwell Tarley took Gilly and baby Sam while he was training as a Maester.

Catedral de Santa Maria

Not far from the monastery is the Cathedral of Girona. The cathedral is famed for having the widest Gothic nave in the world, having an impressive width of 22-metres.  Due to the time it took to build, it has both Romanesque and Gothic style elements. The cathedral has a treasury which is home to the incredible Tapestry of Creation which is well worth a visit. The Romanesque cloister also has impressive sculptures and columns.

Where do you recognise it from? The cathedral was the Sept of Baelor; its most famous scene is when Cersei blows it up. However, it is also the scene of Margaery’s atonement on the steps that lead up to the cathedral.

Placa del Jurats

This plaza in Girona is a vibrant place that hosts many concerts, theatre and performances. It is well worth checking out what’s on before you go, so you can schedule your visit to coincide with a show.

Where do you recognise it from? The plaza was where Arya Stark watches a play about her family. Before this, Arya fights with the Waif who stabs her as she jumps off a bridge; this is between the plaza to the monastery.

As well as the plaza, the streets around Girona all serve as Braavos where Arya become a blind beggar and where she trains with the Waif.

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